Anupama 9th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Nakul Questions Malti Devi

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Anupama 9th June 2023 Written Episode

Anupama thanks Anuj. Anuj recalls gurumaa Malti Devi’s reaction and tells Anupama that there is a question in his mind; why did gurumaa tell if he is that Anuj when she met him for the first time. Anupama says even she is perplexed, may be because of the relationship between them or the recent news in media about in. Anuj says its okay. Anupama says gurumaa is like that. Anuj says rose is looking good on her. She shyingly says thank you. Anuj says she told she wants to grow and move head, even he wants her to grow, he will miss her a lot. Anupama walks away from there. Ankush walks to Anuj and says its time to surprise everyone.

Hasmukh leaves with his friends. Leela asks Vanraj if Hasmukh left, he shouldn’t have on his grandson’s wedding day. Vanraj says his friend had a heart attack, so he had to rush. Everyone gather in hall and wait for Anuj’s suprise. Leela gets jealous seeing Anupama chatting with gurumaa and comments that gurumaa is acting as if she is a queen of England and Anupama as her maid. Dolly asks what is her problem, even she would have done same with her boss. Leela comments even seeing Vanraj taking care of Kavya and says he was behind Anupama and now Kavya. Dolly says Vanraj and Kavya are meeting after a long time and look happy; Leela should be happy seeing Vanraj/Kavya, Toshu/Kinjal, Samar/Dimpy, Anuj/Anupama happy.

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