Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Paghpera Ritual

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Anupama 9th June 2022 Written Episode

Anupama says sorry to Anuj. Anuj says he felt bad when she said sorry and with who else than themselves will they share their problems. He says he knows being a signing authority of his business doesn’t matter to her. She asks then why did he make her a singing authority. He says they all have to leave the world one day and should plan family’s future, whether they are alive or not. Anupama gets angry and warns him not to say that or else she will not talk to him. He cheers her up. They both laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Barkha notices them and gets jealous.

Anuj helps Anupama get ready for paghphera ritual and seeing her happiness asks why girls glow more when they are visiting their maika/parental home. He fixes gajra in her hair. Anupama asks him not to wear black shirt as she heard from Pakhi that girls comment on his social media post and put an evil eye on him. Sara with Adhik walks in and compliments Anupama’s saree look. She says even she wants to learn to wear saree as she like fusion look. Adhik asks if she is going somewhere. Anupama says she is going to her maika for paghphera ritual. Sara insists to accompany them. Adhik reminds that they are going for shopping. Sara expresses her business idea of exploring a local market and checking if she can export goods to US. Anupama likes it. Sara says she wants to be an inspiraiotn like Anupama and says Anuj told everything about her.

Barkha gets upset hearing their conversation. She offers her debit card to Sara. Sara demands cash. Her and Adhik’s nok jhok starts. Anuj offers them cash for shopping and says they are kids. Barkha says he is right, they are like his kids. Ankush returns from jogging. Barkha expresses her wish to start interior decoratoin of the house from today. Anuj asks Anupama to accompany Barkha for shoppping and ride car for her. Barkha is surprised to hear that and says she thought Anupama is a reserved housewife. Anupama says she was like that before, but now she is so confident that she can even fly an areoplane. Ankush jokes that Barkha failed to learn flying and even canceled her paragliding classes. Barkha says she has vertigo.

Pakhi, Samar, and Partiosh visit Anupama dancing on a song to take Anupama for Paghphera ritual. Anuj and Anupama join them. Anuj then introduces them to Ankush and Barkha. Ankush and Barkha are stunned to know that Anupama is so fit even after hhaving three grown up children. Ankush praises Anupama’s fitness. Anupama says she got married and had had children at an early age. Anupama introduces Barkha and Ankush to her her children . Pakhi asks where were they till now. Anuj says they were in USA. Anuj tells Anupama that she can visit her maika now and he will come to pick her up. Anupama excitedly leaves for her maika with her children. Ankush feels glad that Anupama is fit even after having three children. Barkha says he should use his brain and think that Anuj’s property will be divided in so many people and feels upset.

Shahs happily welcome Anupama at their house. Children inform fmaily about Anuj’s cousin Ankush and SIL Barkha. Kavya asks how Anuj’s relatives barge in suddenly. Anupama says let us discuss about it later as it’s a long story. On the other side, Barkha gives furniture bills to Anuj and asks him to check it. Anuj asks Ankush to check the bills. Barkha feels jealous thinking Anuj is treating Ankush as a servant. Anuj says he will ask Anupama to sign the cheques. Barkha asks Anuj doesn’t he think he should make somoen else also as signing authority in Anupama’s absence. Anuj thanks her for her concern and says he doens’t think he needs another signing authority.

Precap: Anuj invites Shahs for Anupama’s new house warming ceremony. Vanraj thinks of maintaining a distance. Anuj and Anupama feel excited for their new house’s graha pravesh. Barkha tells Anuj that they will first enter Anuj’s new house and then business.

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