Anupama 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj and Anuj’s Tragic Accident

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Anupama 9th August 2022 Written Episode

Anuj leaves the temple signalling Anupama that he will return to her soon. Anupama prays Kanhaji to be careful. Her tied protective cloth falls down. Ankush tracks Anuj’s movement. Anuj voice messages Vanraj that he is coming. Kavya notices him going and recalls Vanraj’s hatred for Anuj. Panditji calls everyone for aarti. Little Anu asks about Anuj. Anupama says he will come and starts aarti. Anuj walks to his car and notics Vanraj already sitting in driver’s seat. He sits beside him and asks him to wear his seat belt. Kavya follows Anuj and notices Vanraj driving Anuj’s car. She follows them. Vanraj drives recklessly. Anupama continues aarti lost in thought. Little Anu reminds her.

Anupama’s phone rings. Anupama asks Samar to pick it. Inspector speaks and informs that Anuj’s red call with 2 men in it fell into a ditch and they both are severely injured and may not survive. Anupama shatters down hearing that. She with Ankush and Samar drives car recalling Anuj telling yesterday that tomorrow is his last pooja and rest of the events. She says nothing will happen to Anuj. Kavya already present at the accident spot panics. Anupama reaches there and shouts Anuj.. Leela with others also reach there and breaks down fearing for Vanraj’s life. Samar also breaks down hugging Toshu. Ankush asks Samar to bring Anupaama aside. He asks Kavya how did the accident happen as she was already present here and how is Anuj’s car intact while they both jumped from the cliff. Leela and Toshu also ask her same.

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Inspector asks them to calm down and says as per the sources, they both must have come out of the car and then fell from the cliff; his rescue team has gone down and is bringing both bodies up. Anupama warns him to say Anuj and Vanraj are being brought up. She recites shayari meaning until Anuj’s named sindhoor is in her hairline, nothing will happen to Anuj, etc. Samar asks inspector how he is sure that Anuj and Vanraj fell from the cliff. Inspector Kavya saw it and called police. Whole family questions Kavya. Ankush calls Adhik and thinks where did he go. Kavya says V V.. Ambulance each with Vanraj and Anuj’s bodies.

Kinjal and Pakhhi comfort each other hearing about the bad news. Jignesh asks them not to worry as god will send them a good news. Anuj and Vanraj’s bodies are brought out of the ambulance. Anupama and Kavya rush towards them, but police stop them. Inspector asks them to reach City hospital as they are taking the bodies there. Anupama asks if they are alive. Rescue team member says their pulse is on, but they are severely injured. Anupama thanks Kanhaji. Kinjal gets Toshu’s message that Anuj and Vanraj are found. Dolly says how to inform a small kid that her papa… Little Anu prays god to protect her papa and moustache uncle in exchange of her toys and send them back home. Pakhi cries hugging her. Little Anu comforts her.

Anupama with others reaches City Hospital and questions receptionist about Anuj and Vanraj. Receptionist informs that their condition is very critical and hence they are taken to emergency ward. Anupama asks if she can see them once. Receptionist says she can’t and asks her to wait for doctor’s update. Anupama recites shayari again in her mind on intejaar/intezar/waiting.

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Precap: Everyone question Kavya to tell what happened between Anuj and Vanraj. Kavya recalls the incident. Doctor says case is very critical.

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