Anupama 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj Feels Upset

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Anupama 8th September 2022 Written Episode

Shah family welcomes Kinjal and her baby baby home. Anupama performs aarti and addresses baby/angel that Kanhaji messaged her that she is the world’s special girl, her dada buddy is eager to meet her and will come soon. Kavya talks to baby next and says her great grandmother is a bit psycho but adoring, her family is loving but does drama once in a week, she shouldn’t call her daadi/grandma when she grows up and just love her. Anupama performs ritual and asks Kinjal to get inside with baby. She takes baby’s footprints and tells Hamukh to keep Lakshmi’s footprints in a locker. She then asks Vanraj to play shank. Little Anu tries to touch baby, but Leela yells at her not to touch the baby.

Everyone wish to hold the baby first. Anupama says as per ritual, baby’s papa will sit with baby on a swing and everyone will fan him with peacock feathers. Rakhi feels angry seeing Toshu getting unnecessary attention after performing infidelity. Samar pulls Toshu’s legs. Anupama asks Rakhi to give baby to Toshu as per ritual. Rakhi recalls Toshu accepting his infidelity and hands over baby to Kinjal instead, leaving everyone shocked. Leela asks if she is drunk that she didn’t understand who is Toshu. Rakhi says she very well knows what Toshu is. Kinjal says as per ritual, she should handover baby to papa. Rakhi says men don’t know how to take care of baby, so she gave baby to Kinjal. Leela yells at Rakhi.

Rakhi demands to take baby and Kinjal home. Shahs try to convince her with different explanations, but Rakhi gets adamant. She finally agrees. Shahs ask her to give baby to Toshu now as per ritual. Rakhi with a heavy heart hands over baby to Toshu. Anuj calls Anupama and asks if the rituals are done. She says not yet. Shah family fans Toshu and Kinjal. Leela asks baby’s grandparents to hold the baby next. Vanraj and Anupama sit on a swing together and perform ritual. Anuj gets upset seeing that. Barkha and Anuj discuss that Anuj is feeling alone without Anupama and Little Anu and hence they need to support him.

Shahs ask Rakhi why she wants to take Kinjal and baby home. Rakhi says she wants to spend time with her daughter and granddaughter. Anupama says she can stay back here. Leela says she said she will last time but didn’t. Rakhi says she had to visit Singapore for an important business meeting, even now she is busy but will make sure she will visit Kinjal and baby daily. Vanraj asks why she is still upset with Toshu for his absence during Kinjal’s delivery. Rakhi says Toshu needs to learn responsibility. Vanraj says Toshu is responsible towards his wife and child. Rakhi says just like he was. Vanraj gets angry but calms down. Rakhi says she will visit daily to know how responsible Toshu is.

Barkha offers halwa to Anuj and Ankush tries to cheer him up. Anuj feels upset recalling Vanraj and Anupama sitting together. Barkha says Anupama and Little Anu must be busy in celebrations, so they are trying to give him company. Anuj asks her to stop adding ghee in fire and try to provoke him against Anupama. Barkha asks him to stop stretching the old issues. Anuj asks if she means Anupama is enjoying and he is suffering here, just go away from him gaze. GK rushes in and tries to calm him down. Barkha says Anuj is venting out Anupama’s anger on them.

Precap: Anupama confronts and slaps Toshu for having an affair. Rakhi says she has proof of his infidelity. Toshu says Kinjal was pregnant and it was obvious to get attracted to another woman. Anupama shouts infidelity is not accepted by any woman and thinks how will he inform Kinjal about it in such a critical condition.

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