Anupama 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Kinjal To File A Complaint Against Toshu?

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Anupama 8th October 2022 Written Episode

Toshu picks Pari/Arya and runs seeing Anupama. Anupama runs behind him requesting him to stop. Vanraj and Samar hear her voice and follow it. Anupama asks Toshu to return Pari to her as a baby cannot live without her mother. Toshu refuses to return Pari and says he will take care of her. Anupama says his intention may be good, but his way is wrong; he may love Kinjal a lot, but is hurting her more in this process. Toshu reaches end and notices a Devimaa’s painting on wall. He acts lunatic and warns Anupama to stay away from her, he will not give his Pari to her. Anupama says Devimaa stopped him and he should return another mother’s daughter to her. She warns him that he cannot snatch a mother’s right from her, etc., and insists to give baby to him. Vanraj and Samar reach there. Anupama says if he is a good father, he should return Pari to her. Toshu returns Pari to her. Samar informs Kavya that Pari and Toshu are found and message same to Anuj.

Kavya informs Shahs that Pari and Toshu are found and now Pari is with Anupama. Kinjal thanks god that Pari is in Anupama’s safest hands. Rakhi feels sad hearing that. Leela hopes Pari and Toshu return home without any drama. Anuj also thanks god. Anupama recalls upbringing Toshu and her other children and says her son was not like this. Toshu accuses her to be reason behind his change. Vanraj says he didn’t realize his mistake yet, he was his pride, how can he be stoop so low and kidnap his own daughter, how will he take care of Pari alone. Toshu says he was carrying Pari’s nappy and milk. Vanraj says milk would have finished in a day, how would he have taken care of Arya. Anupama asks if he has any limits.

Toshu shouts he doesn’t just like Anupama’s mahanta/greatness and Vanraj’s hypocrisy. He says Vanraj did same mistake and is enjoy festival with family, but he is punished brutally for his mistake and kept away from his family. He shouts they talk about family, Vanraj kicked him out of his family, but who gave them right snatch his daughter from him. Shahs eagerly wait for them to return soon. Toshu tells Anupama that if she had not given Pari’s promise, he would never have given Pari to her. Anupama asks why is he is stooping so low. Vanraj asks why is he creating trouble for his daughter with his heinous acts. Toshu hits his head on a wall. Vanraj stops him. Toshu shouts Kinjal is making him cry, so he will snatch her daughter from her. Samar asks if he has gone mad. Toshu shouts he is. Anupama warns him to return home and apologize everyone. Toshu refuses. She forcefully holds his hand and drags him towards home.

GK offers medicine to Anuj and asks why is he tensed even after Toshu and Pari are found. Anuj says real problem will start now as there would be new problem at Shah house. GK says fighting with outsiders is easy and very difficult to fight with dear ones. Anuj says whenemotions get weak, whole family gets weak. He fears for Anupama’s condition seeing all the drama there and being a mother handling Toshu, Kinjal, Arya, and others. He says multitasking is impossible for them, how does Anupama do it so well. GK says women are born to handle all this. Anuj says his Anupama is very strong and will handle all the stress.

Shahs eagerly wait for Toshu and Pari to return home. Anupama enters with them, holding Toshu’s hand. Kinjal holds Pari and pampers her. Leela tries to protect Toshu. Anupama stops her and says its time for a husband to face wife’s justice. Kinjal holds Toshu’s collar and says she will not ask why did he do that and why he risked his daughter’s wife as his conscience is dead and he doesn’t have any ethics, she will file divorce case later but will send him to jail first for kidnapping her daughter. Leela asks Vanraj to stop Kinjal. Vanraj says though Toshu did a heinous mistake, his father and wife should punish him and not police. Rakhi says Toshu didn’t break utensils or furniture to be punished by his father or wife, he kidnapped a child.

Precap: Toshu pleads everyone to punish him and says he can sacrifice his life for Pari, can’t they give him a chance.

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