Anupama 8th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s birthday celebration

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Anupama 8th March 2023 Written Episode

Anuj talks with Anupama. He says life gives us many reasons to cry but we are adamant and find happiness. Anuj asks Anupama what she has wished on her birthday. Anupama says wish should not be discussed. Anuj says to Anupama if she can tell to God than why not to husband. Anupama says Anuj that she wants everything to be so good that they don’t have to ask anything from God. She further sees falling star. Anuj and Anupama wish Anu to be with them forever. Anuj says to Anupama that from her smile he can decodes what she has wished.

Maya think she wanted one day and it is going to over soon. Hasmuk along with Shahs pray for Anupama. Samar smile. Kinjal asks Samar the reason for her smile. Vanraj says to Leela that today is Anupama’s birthday. Leela asks Vanraj if he still remember. Hasmuk prays for Anupama. Leela says Anuj gave betrayal to Anupama on her birthday. Hasmuk asks Leela to shut up for sometimes. Kavya comments empty vessel makes more noise. Leela asks Kavya if she is calling her an empty vessel. Kavya argues with Leela. Kavya, Kinjal and Samar decide to visit Anupama to celebrate her birthday. Leela asks Shahs not to go. Hasmuk decides to go. Kinjal asks Samar to check Anupama’s house and if everything will be fine out there than they will come to surprise her.

Anupama gets a birthday surprise from Anuj, Ankush and Barkha. Anu gives birthday card and doll to Anupama. She asks Anupama to hug the doll whenever she will miss her. Anupama and Anuj say Anu will never be missed. Kapadias decide to take group picture. Barkha and Ankush see Maya and doubt her intention. Barkha says she can’t digest Maya is silent. They doubt Maya is upto something.

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Maya decides to wish Anupama. Barkha says Maya can’t keep calm until she ruins happy family moment. Maya wishes Anupama get all the happiness of her life. She further makes Anupama sit and performs her aarti. Barkha, Ankush and Anuj gets shocked. Samar visit Anupama and wishes her. He further makes video call to Shahs. Shahs learn Anupama is going to celebrate her birthday outside. Hasmuk asks Anupama if she is fine. Anupama assures Hasmuk. Maya gets shocked learning Anupama is going to celebrate her birthday outside.

Anuj decides to keep it a surprise as where they are going to celebrate Anupama’s birthday. Barkha and Ankush decide to check upon Maya. Samar and Dimple share talk with each other. They both doubt on Maya. Anu asks Anupama where they are going to celebrate birthday. Anupama decides to keep it a surprise. Kavya says to Vanraj that Anuj and Anupama are inseparable. She decides to meet Anirudh. Anu gets happy visiting orphanage.

Precap: Maya waits for Anu. Anuj, Anupama and Anu spend quality time at beach.

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