Anupama 8th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj and Anupama Bring Kavya Home

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Anupama eighth March 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj returns to his room and thinks of informing Kavya that he returned from a visit. He then thinks she should have slept by now, he doesn’t have power to reply her questions, let everybody do what they need and he’ll do what he issues proper, he is not going to let Kavya and Nandini’s matter get difficult as he can not afford any issues anymore. Stalker forcefully enters Kavya’s condominium. Kavya pleads for assist. Stalker will increase TV quantity and walks in direction of her lustfully. Within the morning, Anu serves tea to Vanraj. Vanraj sees his cellphone off and dials Kavya’s quantity by way of landline. Somebody speaks and asks if he’s is aware of Kavya. He asks the place is Kavya and runs away tensed. Anu listening to him asks what occurred to Kavya. Toshu asks why did papa left in urgency. Anu rushes behind Vanraj, sits in his automotive and asks what occurred. They attain Kavya’s condominium flooring and see neighbors peeping in. They stroll into Kavya’s condominium and see all stuff shattered round and Kavya sitting in a dilapidated state senselessly, indicating she was molested. Anu drapes scarf over her torn gown and asks what occurred, however Kavya sits senselessly. Vanraj asks Kavya what occurred to her and asks if she is ok.

Kinjal asks Samar to name mummy and discover out what occurred to Kavya. Samar sees Anu’s cellphone close by. Toshu switches on Vanraj’s cellphone and sees Kavya’s messages to name her as she feels bizarre a few man/neighbor/stalker who seems to be shady, and so on. Kinjal asks what occurred. Toshu says there are Kavya’s messages on papa’s cellphone, he learn one message by accident. Samar asks what’s written in messages. Kinjal asks is there any drawback. Toshu says he thinks in order Kavya was in drawback when she messaged, he has a bizarre feeling that somebody pressured Kavya. Kinjal calls Kavya. Baa, Bapuji, and Mamaji hear their dialog.

Vanraj shakes Kavya and asks what occurred. She vigorously cries hugging him tightly. He asks who harmed her. She continues crying and says a person was troubling her since many days and yesterday he forcefully entered her home, instructed as she is since she is offered for everybody, she known as Vanraj and messaged him, man tried to molest her. Vanraj stands shocked. Anu says she will not be accountable for somebody’s considering. Kavya says she tried to withstand and threw issues on him, that second was so painful and unable to deal with it she fell unconscious and awakened within the morning.

Kinjal tells household that Kayva should have messaged papa, however his cellphone was witched off. Samar says she ought to have known as them, he’ll name Nandini. Toshu shouts no want for that. Vanraj and Anu convey Kavya residence. Baa seeing her situation asks to take her to visitor room and name physician. Samar says if nandini sees. Kinjal asks to not inform her something now. Bapuji asks if Anirudh did this. Toshu says it was another person. Vanraj and Anu take Kavya to visitor home. Vanraj nurses her wound. Anu says she is totally protected right here and presents her water. Vanraj says they are going to go to physician after which police station and get that man rigorously punished. Anu goes to verify on physician. Vanraj apologizes Kavya and says this wouldn’t have occurred if he was along with her. She says she’s going to really feel similar insecurity after going from right here, he can not perceive how troublesome it’s for a single man to remain alone. He says he’ll accompany her to her home. She says she gave that home to Anirudh in trade of divorce, she didn’t notice then how necessary it’s for single lady to have a shelter. She hugs Vanraj and continues crying. Anu thanks god for keeping off an enormous drawback. Samar asks Kinjal if he ought to inform Nandini about Kavya as Kavya is Nandini’s aunt. Kinjal agrees. Toshu yells that he knew they’re as much as one thing, asks Samar if he’s not ashamed to consider Nandini after yesterday’s incident. Samar warns to not misbehave with Kinjal and to cease making a scene. Toshu shouts he’s making a scene by considering of bringing Nandini right here. Samar says he’s bringing Nandini for Kavya, he’s supporting Mr. Shah bringing his girlfriend residence as a result of Kavya wants assist and help. Samar asks if he’ll convey Nandini additionally. Samar says he’ll as Kavya wants help, so he’ll go and produce Nandini. Toshu yells that he simply wants an excuse to satisfy Nandini, so he ought to silently sit at residence and never convey Nandini residence. Samar asks Kinjal what’s incorrect with Toshu, he’s involved for Kavya. Kinjal says even she is.

Vanraj asks Kavya why didn’t he inform her after taking such an enormous determination. She says he had gone to his grandma’s residence leaving his cellphone at residence, she gave her residence to Anirudh as she needs to be with Vanraj, she is afraid considering the place will she go now alone, she is scared to be alone, so he ought to marry her in order that no person ought to suppose her out there and attempt to molest her. Vanraj says she is courageous and powerful. She says she can not battle every day and let males misbehave and molest her. He asks her to settle down. She continues that she is uninterested in listening to folks’s taunts, their relationship is against the law till he offers identify to it, she needs to stick with him in his home as she doesn’t have anywhere to remain now, he can shift along with her to a different home if not, and so on. Baa taking a look at Kavya’s footsteps and reminiscing earlier incident thinks final time when she entered, her home’s peace was misplaced, if even this time she is appearing to spoil her home. Anu hears her ideas.

Precap: Vanraj informs Anu that since Kavya doesn’t have a spot to remain, she’s going to keep of their home. Anu says if Baa and Bapui don’t have any drawback, Kavya can keep on this home until they discover a new home. Anu consoles panicking Kavya. Baa says no matter Anu is doing may be very troublesome. Samar says they will’t even think about what mummy is doing.

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