Anupama 8th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Anuj Meets With An Accident?

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Anupama 8th December 2021 Written Episode

Anuj drops Anu home and asks her to stop thinking much and sleep peacefully. She nods yes. He says Mr and Mrs Shah will handle their issue, so she shouldn’t bother. She says if not, Kanhaji will. Kavya cries looking at her and Vanraj’s wedding photo and thinks she is an orphan and only Vanraj is her support, so she cannot lose him. She remembers Anu’s advice to handle her family before its too late and thinks she will. Anu thanks Anuj for being her support always. He jokes and then says they need to go on their next project’s site visit and hence he will pick her up tomorrow morning, but now she should go and rest. She agrees and gets out of car. Baa enters Kavya’s room and seeing it messed up cleans it. Kavya thanks her. She offers her water and tries to leave. Kavya requests her to ask Vanraj to not divorce her. Baa says she will not interfere between her and Vanraj and will leave it on Vanraj to decide. Vanraj messages Anu thanking her for her support and requests her to concentrate on her work and life and let him handle his life and his family. She prays Kanhaji to take care of her family.

Anu gets ready for site visit and waits for Anuj. Anuj drives car hurriedly towards her house thinking he is late and couldn’t wake up on time. Kinjal walks to Toshu and asks if he is going to meet mom/Rakhi. He says yes. She says he is going to beg for a job instead. Toshu says its better than begging in front of strangers. Their argument starts. Samar asks Toshu to stop. Toshu warns him not to interfere. Vanraj warns them all to stop and tells Toshu that he is starting something and will give him a job if things go well. Kavya walks to them. Bapuji offers her breakfast. Anuj stands up and leaves asking Baa not to involve Anupama in their family issues and let her concentrate on her work. Baa says husband and wife should sort out their issues. Kavya asks how. Bapuji says by having patience.

Anuj sees a smoke on road and trying to save a bicycler rams his car into a truck with bamboos. He closely escape unhurt and recites shayari fearing for his life. He thanks god for giving his life a second chance and even help Anupama. Bapuji to cheer up Kavya offers to play ludo with her. Kavya smiles. Baa notices that and tells Samar that she realized again that she got a good husband who knows how to keep family united. Samar says even mummy asked to take care of Kavya until she gets well and then let Mr Shah and Kavya decide about their future. Baa says even Vanraj told not to disturb Anu anymore and let her concentrate on her work.

Anuj meets Anu. Anu asks why he is late and if something happened. He recites a shayari that felt his life is important for the firs time. She offers him tiffin. He enjoys it and asks if everything is fine at home. She says not really. He says they should live like Mamaji who forgets past and lives in present. He explains his philosophy of life and says Sahir Ludianvi saheb wrote a good song Aage bhi jaane na tu peeche bhi jane na to jo bhi hai bas ek yahi pal hai. He then remembers escaping accident and says I love you Anupama. Anu stands amazed. He says he escaped an accident in the morning and saw remembering only her, he realized death can come anytime, so he wants to look into her eyes and say I love you.

Precap: Goons attack Anuj and Anupama.
Anuj pleads them to take everything but not touch Anu. Goon tries to snatch her jewelry. Anuj angrily trashes goon for touching her. Another goon hits him from behind and he falls unconscious. Anu rushes him to hospital where doctor says he came go into come if he doesn’t regain his consciousness by morning.

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