Anupama 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Apt Reply To Vanraj

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Anupama 7th October 2021 Written Episode

Bapuji returns home feeling embarrassed due to Vanraj’s heinous act. Vanraj justifies himself that Anuj provoked him to the core and he wanted to show him that he and his family are not for sale; Anuj had crossed his limits, so he wanted to show his limits. Bapuji with folding hands shows his displeasure and walks away. Devika finds Anuj in a panic state and asks what happened. He cries why only Anupama should suffer always, how dare Vanraj is to humiliate Anu often; he couldn’t do anything seeing Anu crying, saw strong Anu breaking and he just watched it. Devika asks him to calm down as Anu’s is letting wrong happen to her, she is staying in that house even after divorce, they as a friend can only show her right and wrong but not change her, Anu will never leave her family and her family not stop troubling her, they can’t change situation or Anu’s mind and can just hope her situation improves. Anuj says he asked her to leave that house, he couldn’t tolerate her seeing her crying and spoke whatever was in his heart. Devika says he did right. He says he just wants Anu to be always happy.

Anu returns home and tells Vanraj that today was her life’s biggest event and he.
He says destroyed it. She says a boy near her house used to throw stone at aeroplane via a catapult and used to think he can destroy aeroplane, his acts reminded him of that kid as he can throw stones but cannot stop her success or destroy her happiness. He with a grin asks really? She asks if he thinks he will create a drama on the first day of her job and stop her, he cannot destroy a remaining story by spoiling a book’s first page. He asks if her nonsense is over. She says sorry. He asks for what. She stands on a step facing equal to him. Anuj tries to tear his and Anu’s palm printed paper. GK stops him. Anuj says he didn’t want Anu’s hand, but wanted to see her happy. GK hugs and consoles him. Anu tells Vanraj sorry for fearing him as he is shouting and creating drama because he is afraid. He asks if he is afraid of her. She says he is afraid of their quality; he told when he came to see her first, he saw a wife in her and wife always walks behind husband. He says who stopped a wife to move ahead, even she was staying in same house and nobody stopped her, a race line is same for both woman and man. Anu says man has a degree, but woman has ladles, children, in-laws, husband’s chores, and a lock of traditions in her legs; she is not is wife now, even then he is unable to tolerate it; he should get habituated to tolerate it as she will never lag behind from hereon. She laughs and says she is doing shayari in Anuj’s company.

Anuj hopes Anu is fine. Anu tells Vanraj that he is feeling bad as she is moving ahead without his help. Baa says she is moving ahead holding a stranger man’s hand. Anu asks why didn’t she feel bad when she is staying here with a stranger man since so many days. Baa asks who is a stranger here. Anu says Vanraj Shah. Kavya says Vanraj is indeed a stranger to Anu. Anu says Vanraj is afraid that she has become independent and is flying high alone; he wouldn’t have been afraid if Anuj looked ugly with bulging tummy, bald head, and weird face as he would be superior to Anuj; he is afraid of equal competition, be it Anu or Anuj; she is sorry for his fear and can pray god to give him some peace. He steps down. He says however high she flies, she will be smaller than her. She says he will bend his head to see her and she will always keep her head high. Baa shouts Anupamaaa. Anu says her quota of taunts and humiliation has ended today. Kinjal feels happy hearing that. Anu walks away.

Next morning, Anuj waits for Anu in office and hopes she is fine. He opens cabin door and sees Anu already sitting and checking documents. Jiye To Jiye Kaise Bin Apke.. song plays in the background. Anu notices him and greets Jai Sri Krishna. He asks if she started work. She says she is trying to understand it and asks if he thought she wouldn’t come today. He says no. He says if he had not encouraged her yesterday, she wouldn’t have come today. At dance academy, Nandini gets tensed seeing a hooded T-shirt man and asks who is it. Samar says its him and says after yesterday’s event, he feels Rohan is gone and will not trouble them. She says rohan will not easily give up. Rohan is seen standing nearby. Anu tells Anuj that a nest is most important to its bird and it returns home in the evening wherever it goes, her family is her world and she wants to succeed with them as she wants to move ahead both for herself and her dear ones. Anuj apologizes her for suggesting her to leave her house. She says anyone would have said same. He says he is not anyone, then says she should do whatever makes her happy. She thanks him for becoming her friend. He thanks her back considering him as her friend. She says she is lucky that she has friends like him and Devika and asks if they can start work. He says of course and teaches her work. Kaise Kahoon Bina Tere Zindagi Ye Kya Hogi.. song plays in background..

Precap: Kavya confronts Vanraj that he is concentrating more on Anuj and Anu than his work and should change cafe menu in their names. Baa seeing that yells at Anu that a relationship which creates a problem at house should be broken, a man and a woman can never be friends.

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