Anupama 7th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavya’s Jealousy

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Anupama seventh December 2020 Written Episode

Kavya returns residence with Vanraj from park and fumes that she is embarrassed that Anu noticed her combat, asks how did they arrive there. Vanraj says how does he know. She yells that inside 2 days, Anu noticed them preventing, Nandini bought one more reason to taunt her. He asks what was she doing there. She asks she was simply jogging. He says she went out with out informing him and was chatting with a younger man, which he doesn’t like. She says even she doesn’t like him assembly Anu repeatedly and having her ready meals. He says he takes yesterday’s revenge. She says she is clearing his level. He asks if she has drawback with him assembly his household, why was she behind a 25 12 months outdated boy. She warns him to thoughts his language, center class males like him at all times act like this after they get indignant. He says as an alternative of talking and clearing the primary, she is exaggerating the difficulty. She says she is loyal to him, and if she wished to have a number of boyfriends, why would she be with a married man like him, she loves him. He says even he loves her and he hopes she is aware of that, he’s sharing identical mattress with Anupama since he fell in Kavya’s love, however by no means touched Anupama. She asks then why they’re preventing. He says as a result of he’s jealous. She says even she is jealous of him going again to Anu repeatedly; then says she dreamt since 8 years of residing with him like husband and spouse and when its occurring, she simply needs to expertise it; they shouldn’t combat now and if she seems like her love is lowering for him, she is going to inform him than getting disloyal. Vanraj reminisces Anu telling she dreamt of seven lives with Vanraj, however it led to 1 life itself. Kavya says allow us to cease preventing and prepare for workplace.

Baa asks Pakhi what is going to they educate her in 80000 rs course, they will get a poor woman married in 80,000 rs. Toshu says 80,000-90,000 rs is regular now a days. Pakhi says she is going to get an concept about her additional research. Anu says even then. Pakhi says she is aware of mummy doesn’t have cash, so she knowledgeable papa and he’ll switch into mummy’s account in someday. Baa feedback that they despatched her son away, however he’s nervous for household even now. Bapuji coughs. Anu says she ought to have spoken to her or Bapuji as soon as earlier than asking cash from papa. Pakhi says there isn’t any disgrace in asking cash from her personal papa and even mummy would have performed identical. Baa feedback one who can afford conceitedness ought to present it. Bapuji tells Pakhi that asking cash from papa will not be unhealthy, however she ought to inform him or Anu earlier than as some choices ought to be taken by solely elders. Pakhi nods okay. Anu reminisces Vanraj difficult her that he’ll snatch complete household from her and thinks he’s harming household in lieu of taking revenge from her. Vanraj transfers cash into Anu’s account and smirks considering he broke Anu’s satisfaction. Kavya notices SMS of him transfering cash into Anu’s account. Pakhi informs Anu that papa transferred cash into Anu’s account and she or he despatched him a thanks message. Anu feels unhappy that she is unable to assist her. Pakhi says its okay as she is aware of mummy can do something for her besides assist financially as she doesn’t earn a lot. Kavya thinks why he transferred cash into Anu’s account, Anu confirmed her false self-respect and sought cash from him, does she need him again.

Anu returns after yoga class with Nandini and reminds her to consider what she instructed concerning Samar. She rushes in direction of residence considering she ought to put together breakfast for Baa and Bapuji. Kavya stops her. Anu reminisces all her betrayal. Kavya says she needs to speak to her like earlier than. Anu says she ought to come to Bapuji’s home like earlier than and never on street. Kavya follows considering she didn’t wish to embarrass Anu, however she herself needs to bear embarrassment. At workplace, Vanraj reads Kavya’s message that she goes out on an essential work and thinks if she went to satisfy younger boy once more. Anu asks Kavya if she wants any tea or espresso. Kavya says she doesn’t want something and got here to clear her to cease interfering between her and Vanraj. Anu asks if she got here in between or her. Kavya yells that falling in love at work place is widespread and there may be nothing improper in it, she ought to cease making an attempt to grab again Vanraj by luring him with meals and household. Anu warns her to decrease her tone as Bapuji is sleeping. She continues yelling that she ought to handle her funds herself as an alternative of taking cash from Vanraj. Baa listening to their dialog calls Vanraj and makes him hear Kavya’s drama. Vanraj fumes and thinks he ought to attain residence quickly. Kavya continues yelling. Anu replies Kavya that she already ended her relationship with Vanraj, however Vanraj can also be a father and a son and no one can finish that relationship; if Kavya was so nervous she wouldn’t have grabbed a married man with dad and mom and youngsters; they feed any visitor who visits their residence, be it Vanraj or anybody else. Kavya continues that Vanraj’s solely hers and she or he is not going to let anybody use him or his cash. Baa walks in and warns her thoughts her language and dare not misbehave together with her bahu, how dare she is to enter her home. Kavya asks her to not intervene as she is respecting her, Vanraj is her proper now. Baa says thieves don’t have any proper; she as soon as misplaced her slipper in temple and thief requested her 2 rs to repair her slipper, she slapped him and warned that thieves don’t have any proper; she is telling her identical with out slapping her. Kavya warns her to thoughts her tongue. Baa says she is talking solely by way of tongue, else she would have crushed her with slippers. Anu pleads Kavya to cease as Bapuji is sleeping. Kavya shouts why ought to she, she ought to ask Baa as an alternative; why didn’t Baa management her son. Baa says she already slapped Vanraj and if she wants a slap now. Anu them to cease now and warns Kavya that she doesn’t have proper to talk loudly with Baa; Vanraj might stick with Kavya, however he’s a son, father, and brother and no one can snatch that proper from her; when being a spouse she doesn’t intervene between his dad and mom and youngsters, who’s she to intervene; blood relationships can combat, however by no means separate; a husband can depart his spouse, however not dad and mom and youngsters and nothing will change; even when Kavya marries Vanraj, his relationships is not going to change; a spouse thinks her relationship will get sturdy with in-laws and oldsters’ interference, however a girlfriend thinks reverse; she could also be not Vanraj’s spouse sooner or later, however can be his youngsters’s mom at all times. Vanraj enters.

Precap: Vanraj drags Kavya away and says his dad and mom are his god and his youngsters his life, he is not going to depart them for Kavya. Pakhi tells Vanraj that she needs to rejoice her birthday at residence and he ought to be current. Anu thinks she is going to rejoice Pakhi’s birthday in a particular method. Kavya thinks she is going to rejoice Pakhi’s birthday in a lavish method and present Anupama her place.

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