Anupama 7th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Sets The Stage On Fire With Her Stellar Performance

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Anupama 7th August 2021 Written Episode

Annual day function starts. Host introduces today chief guests and judges for competition. She then describes the value of teachers in a student’s life and today’s dance competition is based on a teacher-student theme. Anu hiding in Pakhi-Kavya’s green room thinks Pakhi will create a big drama if she finds her here. Pakhi hopes her family is here while she performs. Kavya says her mother will not let her family watch her performance and she has neve seen a mother hating her daughter so much. Host announces Anu and her students’ performance in 2 minutes. Samar searches Anu, realizes Anu must be in Pakhi’s room, rushes there, and diverts Pakhi-Kavya’s attention saying their makeup is too loud and arguing with them. Anu silently walks away. Samar also walks away after that. Kavya says Samar had come to divert Pakhi’s attention. Samar walks behind Anu and scolds her concern for her ungrateful daughter, etc. She says she is very nervous for her performance as Baa, Bapuji, Toshu, Kinjal are missing and she will miss their encouragement. Samar says their best wishes are with her and she should perform fearlessly. She cheers up. Once he leaves, Kavya walks to her and tries to demoralize her saying she shouldn’t make any mistake and become a joke on stage and in turn make Pakhi embarrassed in her school because of her mummy, etc.

Samar and Nandini return and take Anu on stage. Pakhi doesn’t notice her family among audiences and feels disappointed. Kavya blames Anu again for that. Pakhi asks why mummy is not performing. Kavya says that is what happens with undeserved people, they freeze no stage. Samar and Nandin encourage Anu to start her performance. Anu eagerly looks at audience. Bapuji with family enters and wishes her all the best. Anu rejoices and starts performance with students on Gunja sa hai ek tara.. song. Samar says even a mother needs her parents. Nandini says a child never grows up. Pakhi gets happy seeing her family. Kavya taunts she need not worry as they have come for Anu and not her. Everyone enjoy Anu’s performance and clap for her. Back stage, Samar and Nandini congratulate her. She says she was nervous, but Bapuji’s came and encouraged her. Samar jokes. Host announces next competitor’s performance.

Shah family sits at back bench. Baa asks why don’t they sit in front row. Bapuji says its for teachers and chief guests. Mamaji jokes. Bapuji hopes god gives good conscience to Pakhi and she stops misbehaving with her mother and asks Baa to explain Pakhi. Baa says even god doesn’t interfere between a mother and child. Mamaji continues his jokes. Kinjal hopes Pakhi performs well. Samar and Nandini cheer up Anu’s students, and they go to change to watch next performances. Anu returns remembering Pakhi’s warning. Nandini says she will go and check Pakhi. Anu stops her and says Baa and Bapuji came to encourage her, but she doesn’t want Pakhi to be discouraged by her and hence she will leave before Pakhi sees her. She leaves and notices Pakhi standing and asks how was her performance. Pakhi says it was good. Kavya hopes mother and daughter don’t patch up. Pakhi asks Anu to leave before she performs. Anu gets more sad.

Precap: Host announces Pakhi and Kavya’s performance. Pakhi searches Kavya and finds her missing.

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