Anupama 6th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Anuj Urges Anupama To Stay Independently

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Anupama 6th October 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj continues trying to humiliate Anuj and shouts he can have an open affair shamelessly with Anu. Anuj shouts. Vanraj challenges for a arm wrestling fight again. Anuj warns they are not teenagers to fight and to be in his limits. Vanraj continues. Bapuji and GK ask them to stop fighting like teenagers in front of everyone. Vanraj warns Anuj to romance Anu, but stay away from his family. Anuj warns him to get out before he loses his control. Vanraj burns Anuj’s offer letter and family pics with him in havan and says his family will not keep any ties with Anuj from today and if he and Anu’s acts affect his family, they will repent a lot. Anu remembering Vanraj’s venomous words and walks away. Back at home, Kavya confronts Vanraj for fighting with Anuj. Baa says Vanraj did right. Kavya says Vanraj is sitting on a gun powder and Baa is setting fire, they are in a situation where they cannot take Anuj’s enmity as Anu has taken loan from Anuj and he can destroy their cafe, and if he doesn’t, their financial situation is really bad.

Anuj searches Anu and finds her crying vigorously in his building’s basement. He walks to her and says sorry. She says her life was never peaceful and she suffered her whole life, now he is humiliated because of her, even GK is humiliated because of her. Anuj stops her and says as a friend he wants to say something, he is crossing his limits today and breaking his promise of not interfering in her personal life, but her life has become public because of Vanraj; she should understand that her life is not as broken as his, he has only GK in his life and she has whole family with her with Baa, Bapuji, Samar, Paki, Kinjal and Nandini; it doesn’t matter if Toshu and Vanraj don’t understand her, rest of the family loves her immensely; tolerating everything and being silent is a good quality in women, but one should think before tolerating injustice; family, friend, or ex-husband doesn’t have any right to insult her; he is not provoking her, but wants her to get out of that bog and stop tolerating it endlessly. She asks what should she do. He asks her to fight for her happiness; she is bearing only hatred after divorce and doesn’t deserve it; one who hates her will not let her in pace; maybe they change in the future, but for that, she cannot ruin her presence; one cannot live with handcuffs and has to break break them; he wants her to breathe freely; she can go away from him, but for god sake not go away from her happiness. He offers his kerchief to wipe her tears and was away from her. He then panics remembering Anu crying and Vanraaj’s taunts and vents out his anger on a cement bag.

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Bapuji apologizes GK for Vanraj’s heinous act. GK says its not his mistake that his son didn’t learn sanskars from him and gives an example that even with a gardener’s hard effort, a few rogue trees don’t bend. Bhavesh tells Bapuji that they tolerated Vanraj’s nonsense since long and is continuing it, he will not be quiet if he troubles Anu more, its good maa didn’t attend pooja and saw Vanraj’s evil side again. Bapuji leaves with Kinjal and Samar feeling embarrassed. GK praises Anu’s tolerance power. Anuj continues venting out his anger on a cement bag. Vanraj tears his shirt in anger.

Precap: Devika tells Anuj that Anu will never leave her family. Anuj says he asked Anu to leave Shah House. Anu warns Vanraj that she will not tolerate his nonsense anymore.

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