Anupama 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi’s Unjustified Demand

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Anupama 6th November 2022 Written Episode

Anupama panics at the sight of a lizard. Bhavesh and Kanta ben laugh at them. Anupama chases him, trying to hit him. Little happily hugs Kanta naani. Adhik with Pakhi touches Bhavesh’s feet. Bhavesh says according to their custum, son-in-law doesn’t touch uncle’s feet. Pakhi thanks him that he accepted their marriage. They both then touch Kanta’s feet and seek their blessings. At Shah house, Dolly and Meenu perform Vanraj, Toshu, and Samar’s bhai dhooj pooja. Meenu wants to know when Pakhi will arrive. Family doesn’t reply. Anupma, Little Anu perform bhai-dhooj poja at Kapadia House. Adhik stares at Bharka and Barkha frowns at her. Pakhi remembers her last bhai diwali celebration with her brothers and feels sad. Adhik observes the sadness and promises her that she’ll be attending her next bhai diwali festival with her brothers. Pakhi asks why is life so unpredictable, she is craving for her brother’s love and Adhik is craving to get teeka from her sister.

Shahs miss Pakhi. Anupama presents Adhik a shagun and gives sweets to Pakhi, asking her to not be upset by the festival. Pakhi claims she performed teeka of her brother for the first. Adhik promises to take her to Shah house. Barkha screams angrily, as if Vanraj, Samar and Toshu are waiting for her with an aarti-thali. Ankush wants to know what kinda language this is. Anuj believes that Barkha is correct and it’s not right for Adhik or Pakhi to go there. Pakhi claims she would like to do teeka Of Toshu and Samar. Anuj confirms she can and shows Samar, Toshu and Samar standing at the door. Both recall Vanraj having sent them here. Pakhi is happy to hug them. Anuj claims that siblings can be difficult in childhood but become best friends when they are married. Toshu and Samar pull Pakhi’s legs. Adhik is also present. Anupama feels happy to see siblings bonding.

Dolly tells Vanraj about the good deed he did by sending Samar, Toshu and Pakhi. Vanraj states that he doesn’t interfere with siblings. Kavya questions Vanraj if he’s expecting Pakhi at Shah house. Vanraj leaves there. Pakhi asks Toshu about his trip. He said he felt great spending time with himself. She asks if he spoke to Kinjal or saw Pari’s pics. He says he craved to see Pari’s pics and messages Kinjal, but Kinjal took time from him and he respects her decision. Pakhi resigns from their tilak. Bhavesh goes. Adhik requests Barkha to perform his tilak forgetting the differences today like Pakhi’s brothers. Barkha denies.

After four days, Hasmuskh/Leela consult panditji to arrange a wedding muhurath. They inform Anupama who informs Shahs about it and Hasmukh/Leela’s wish to perform wedding at Shah house. Samar and Toshu says they will perform Pakhi’s bidayi ritual from their house in a simple way. Pakhi is sad and insists on a proper venue for her wedding. Barkha laughs, and asks her father if he has enough money for a nice venue. Anupama says she was wondering why Sweety didn’t show her attitude yet, at last she did. She says dear one’s presence is important in a wedding and its best for a daughter if doli departs from her father’s house. She gives her example and says Anuj would have booked a destination wedding in any part of the world, but he chose a simple wedding with elders’ blessings. Pakhi says that is because Hasmukh performed Anupama’s wedding, but Anuj and Anupama have take Pakhi’s responsibility here.

Anuj tongue lashes Pakhi for her low thinking and says they are educated and should take care of themselves and shouldn’t think of being a burden on others. Toshu says he wants to scold Pakhi, but can’t as he himself made big mistakes. Kanta believes Pakhi needs to change her outlook on a life of easy living. Pakhi says that everything happened in a professional way. If her father had performed her wedding in a proper place, it would explain why they have denied her request. Samar believes she should write an autobiography about why she is entitled. Pakhi was crying when Anuj, Anupama and her father brought her to their home. After that, she was praising them for being her god. Now, after 36 hours, she is demanding a 5-star hotel. Pakhi says she didn’t demand a 5-star wedding. Samar says even Adhik doesn’t have direct right on Kapadia house and is Anuj’s long distant relative, doesn’t it look weird if Kinjal’s long distant relative shows his right on their house. Pakhi nods yes. Samar believes that even her request is correct.

Pakhi launches her emotional blackmailing and cries. Anuj calls Pakhi calm and asks her what she wants. Pakhi cries that she wants everyone to remember her wedding, she knows everyone consider her as a spoilt and arrogant child, but proper wedding is every girl’s dream. Anuj promises her that her wish will be fulfilled. Anupama interrupts him and says no.

Precap: Barkha gives diamond jewelry to Pakhi and says she had bought it for Adhik’s wife, but Adhik’s marriage is in Shah house. Anupama is called greedy by Pakhi and calls her greedy. She claims she views herself as a Kapadia family bahu who wants a destination wedding.

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