Anupama 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj And Anupama In Shock With Maaya’s Death

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Anupama 6th July 2023 Written Episode

During Maaya’s condolence meeting, Anupama recalls the incident before Maaya’s accident. She looks at the god’s idol returned by Maaya. Anuj holds her hand and comforts her. Barkha says this is so sudden and shocking. Ankush says nobody knows howmuch time is left in their life. Barkha doubts if Maaya’s accident was performed by Anuj as he was agitated with Maaya’s drama and wanted to get rid off her. Ankush says even he wants to get rid of Barkha. Barkha asks him to think before speaking. Ankush says he wants to tell her the same. At Shah house, Leela says Anuj should have admitted Maaya in a mental asylum. Dimpy thinks normally people says RIP peace, sorry for the loss, etc., but this family just debates. Kinjal feels sorry for Little Anu. Toshu says he is worried for Anuj and Anupama. Leela says she doesn’t think Anupama can visit America this time as she has to take care of Little Anu. Vanraj says this time they should make any hurdles don’t stop her from reaching America. Kavya says she will take care of Little Anu. Kinjal says Little Anu will feel good if she stays with Pari and Meenu. Dimpy thinks they can’t handle themselves and their own children and want to handle other’s children.

Dimpy says they are getting late for shok sabha/condolence meeting. Samar says due to space constraint, family can go in a car while he and Dimpy will come in a bike. Family leaves. Dimpy asks Samar why only they have to go in a bike drenching in rain. Samar asks it’s not a rainy season. Dimpy says why shall she bear sun and rough weather and ruin her makeup and hair. Samar says she can go with the family, he and Toshu will come on a bike. Dimpy says there is no need for that and starts fighting with Samar victimizing herself and criminalizing Shahs. Samar fails to shut her mouth and stands irritated. Dimpy continues spilling venom against each family member, especially Anupama. She finally says she doesn’t think Anupama will go to America in this situation. Samar says Anupama will go to America at any cost. Dimpy murmurs that she is 100% sure Anupama will not go and Shahs are wrong.

Anuj is lost in thoughts while filling water glass. Anupama feeds him water. Anuj says he was angry on Maaya like others, but he never thought bad for her. Anupama says they can’t think bad for anyone even in their dreams, especially their daughter’s mother. Anuj says Maaya died the way his parents died in an accident; Maaya apologized and had reformed, their lives were coming to the terms, but then suddenly this happens. Anupama blames herself for Maaya’s accident and says Little Anu/CA lost her mother because of her. Anuj says it’s not her mistake. Anupama says if she was careful in crossing the road, Maaya wouldn’t have come under the truck. Anuj says it’s all an excuse, people go when their time ends. Anupama says him surri surri/sorry and hugs him.

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