Anupama 6th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Adhik Manipulates Pakhi?

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Anupama 6th July 2022 Written Episode

Leela vents out her anger on Kapadias in front of Vanraj. Vanraj says Pakhi is a kid and is mesmerized by Kapadias’ wealth. He blames Adhik for manipulating Pakhi and says Anupama doesn’t listen to him even after his multiple warnings. Anupama enters and asks if he listens and says they both need to calmly talk to Sweety. Vanraj says only he will and do whatever he wants to. Anupama says he already did and exacerbated the issue. Barkha on the other side orders Adhik to forget Pakhi. Anupama says Pakhi’s age is to make mistakes. Vanraj addressing her as gyaan ki devi/goddress of wisdom asks her to share her knowledge at her house and not here. Leela comments on Barkha’s outfit. Anupama a person’s choice of outfit is their right and asks if criizing someone’s derss is her sanskar. Leela says she will.

Vanraj asks Anupama to return home and romance her husband and let him handle his daughter. Anupama says he cannot snatch her right of being a mother. Vanraj says she lost the right after becoming Anupama Kapadia and should stop her stubbornness now. Kinjal tries to console crying Pakhi. Samar with Toshu walks in and asks why she was lecturing when she was wrong. Toshu says Adhik is not right for her. Pakhi says she likes Adhik and ther was no need for Vanraj to create a drama and beat Adhik. She asks Kinjal to go to her room and rest. Vanraj tells Anupama that she is the link between Shah and Kapadia families and if she tries to unite the families, he will break the link and restrict her entry in his house. Anupama says the link so strong and cannot be broken.

Anuj comforts Adhik and says it happens with everyone including him, he just wants him to focus on his career and other priorities first. He says he is not asking him to suppress his life, he just want him to go slow and evaluate the situation first; he explains that during his time, even they had love at first sight, it took him 26 years to just take Anupama’s number, its not like recent times modern love where love and breakup happens instantly. Adhik says he likes Pakhi and doesn’t need any relationship with her, he would never flirt with any girl for timepass or get intimate with her. Anuj warns him to dare not think of it says he and Pakhi are both his dear ones, asks him to relax and not call or message Pakhi right now. He gets worried for Anupama fearing Vanraj and Leela’s accusations and thinks his tigress will manage it herself.

Anupama tells Vanraj that this house belongs to her and nobody can stop her from meeting her maika. Leela says she should, but should control her in-laws as earlier Barkha had pushed Kinjal. Anupama says it was an accident. Leela says Adhik is purposefully manipulating Pakhi. Vanraj says Adhik was trapping Pakhi under Anupama’s nose and she didn’t notice it. Kavya asks him not to use that language as Adhik is of Pakhi’s age. Toshu says Adhik is not right for Pakhi. Kavya asks them not to start fighting like typical brother and father and solve the issue calmly as its normal in that age. She asks Anupama and Vanraj to take a decision. Vanraj says Anupama will keep Kapadias away from Shahs. Anupama says Pakhi has gone on her father and loses her mind in anger, Pakhi will meet Adhik if he tries to stop her; she will speak to Pakhi calmly. Vanraj asks her to just control her relative and forget about Pakhi. Anupama says his anger will ruin everything.

Pakhi video chats with Adhik and says parents make a different rules for themselves and their children. Adhik when parents can send their daughter abroad for studies, but don’t want to send her out of house and have friendship. He says she is an adult now and should decide whether to listen to her heart or her parents, says she doesn’t have to come under anyone’s pressures, her family made a big issue out of a small one, they will study and focus on their career along with maintaining their relationship. Pakhi agrees. Adhik says he is joining an advanced course, they can shift to USA and settle in some good university; only they have right on their life’s decisions and not anyone else. He encourages her not to accept defeat and disconnects call. Pakhi feels elated.

Vanraj asks Anupama again to separate her maika and sasural. Anupama asks why he is forcefully trying to become her maika, he is her bitter past which haunts her; her maika is Leela and Hasmukh. Vanraj says nobody can live peacefully, so she shouldn’t mix her maika and sasural, neither of them visit each other’s house, they both are different worlds and she shoulnd’t try to unite them. He notices Anuj listening to their conversation and says its good that both husband and wife listened to his words. Anuj says he understands Vanraj’s situation as a girl’s father, both Pakhi and Adhik like each other, they should handle the situation calmly as the times have changed now. Vanraj asks him to take his wife and leave instead of starting a lecture like his wife.

Anupama asks why he thinks every good advice is a lecture, their good behavior doesn’t mean they will tolerate his nonsense. Anuj says they should handle their children in a friendly way. Vanraj asks him to stop calling his children as his children and asks Anupama to kindly take her husband from here. Anupama says she came to her faher’s house and not his and she will not listen to his shouting always. She asks Anuj to wait till she checks on Sweety. e says okay and stands aside.

Barkha panics in front of Ankush and says Adhik has gone mad in Pakhi’s love. Ankush says Adhik just likes Pakhi. Barkha says soon he will fall in love and she doesn’t him to marry Anupama’s daughter. Ankush says she is overexacerbating the situation. Barkha says he is taking it lightly, Rakhi Dave was right that Shah family is melodramatic, she cannot handle Anupama and will go mad if her daughter joins. She asks him to speak to Adhik and explain him to focus on his career and find a good family girl and not Shah’s. Adhik agrees.

Anupama enters Pakhi’s room. Pakhi says she will not give her phone and knows she came to convince her that Adhik is not right for her. Anupama says she didn’t come here to convince her, but to know how her daughter is. Pakhi hugs her and says she just likes Adhik and he is a nice guy. Anupama comforts her and makes her sleep singing a lullaby. Leela tells Vanraj that Anuj and Anupama will not set the fire off but will increase it, they should do something before their house burns.

Precap: Anuj tells Anupama when its a question of her children, he doesn’t have any right to speak. Vanraj tells Pakhi that he will not let her keep any relationship with Anupama’s family. Anupama questions Adhik if he took Pakhi to a room just to say that he likes her or he had any other intention.

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