Anupama 6th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Concern For Pakhi

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Anupama 6th August 2021 Written Episode

Bapuji locks main door and orders family to go in as they will not attend Pakhi’s dance performance. Kavya provokes Pakhi. Pakhi cries and blames Anupama. Anu knocks door. Bapuji says not today. Anu from window tells him that he is breaking his own rule and remind that he thought children not to leave the kite thread lose. Bapuji says he told not to hold it too tight or else it will break. Anu says she left the thread lose and if Bapuji tightens it too much, it would leave a severe impact on Pakhi’s mind forever, etc., so he should let family watch Pakhi’s dance performance. Vanraj also pleads to let him watch Pakhi’s performance and others watch Anu’s performance. Bapuji says Samar and Nandini can go to support Anu and Vanraj can go to watch his wife and daughter’s performance, but no one else will go. Once he walks in, Samar and accompany Anu while Kinjal wishes her best of luck.

In green room, Kavya provokes Pakhi against Bapuji. Pakhi sadly says nobody from family will come to watch her performance. Kavya says when they don’t bother about us, why should we bother. She gets a call and walks out while Pakhi requests to get her makeup and hair done. Anu with Samar and Nandini reaches her green room next. Samar asks if she is nervous. Anu says one who danced in lawn will dance on stage and is obviously nervous. She then concerned for Pakhi says she will miss everyone and will be nervous on stage, so she wants family to watch her dance function. Samar says Pakhi will miss everyone except the one whom she should and like Baa one will get what they sow. Nandini says a child cannot be happy making a mother unhappy. Anu asks Samar to go and cheer up Pakhi. Vanraj continues to convince Bapuji to attend Pakhi’s function. Kavya misses her phone call and thinks it must be for a job call.

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Anu meets her students who say they have already practiced once and are confident. Anu and Samar cheer them up. Kavya asks Pakhi to help her braid her hair and asks her to bring cold water. Anu does students’ makeup and then serving them snacks asks Samar to check if Sweety had something or not. Pakhi passes by and gets angry seeing Anu serving snacks to her students. She takes water to Kavya and asks her to braid her hair. Kavya says she is very nervous and asks her to do it herself. Pakhi sadly tries to braid her hair. Anu gets tready in dance costume. Samar and Nandini praise her look. Anu then peeps into Pakhi’s room to check if she got ready. She then requests Samar and Nandini to go and help Pakhi, but they deny citing Pakhi’s arrogance. Pakhi asks Kavya to at least help her now, but Kavya walks away picking a call. Anu then sends her colleague to help Pakhi and making her close her eyes braids her hair. Kavya returns. Anu hides. Kavya says she was coming to help her. Pakhi says madam already helped her. Kavya shouts at Pakhi that if she had to take someone else’s help, she shouldn’t have brought her here and insists to say sorry. Pakhi denying to say sorry to Anu, but says sorry to Kavya.

Precap: Anu’s dance performance starts. Bapuji with family enters and cheers her up. She gives a stellar performance with her students on Gunjasa hai koi iktara.. song.

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