Anupama 5th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Insults Anuj

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Anupama 5th October 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj with Baa and Kavya enters bhoomi pooja venue and stand fuming seeing Anu and Anuj performing pooja together. Devika wishes Jai Sri Krishna to Baa. Baa with frowning face stands silently. Bhavesh enters next and greets Baa. Vanraj asks him if maaji/Anu’s mother didn’t come. Bhavesh says she has knee pain. Baa sits with Bapuji while Vanraj sits with Kavya frowning. Bapuji asks Baa why did she come. Baa says she came because of her son. Bapuji says he will not keep quiet if her son creates a drama. Panditji finishes pooja and asks Anu and Anuj to imprint their palms on a paper. Baa yells that this doesn’t happen in bhoomi pooja. Bapuji says even what she is doing doesn’t happen. She asks what is she doing. Bapuji says anger sitting in pooja. Panditji says Anu and Anuj are business partners from today and prays for their long lasting partnership both during easier and tough times. Palm imprinted paper flies and falls on Vanraj imprinting palms on his shirt. Vanraj throwing fire from his eyes at Anu tries to clean his shirt in vain. Kavya hopes he doesn’t create any drama. Panditji asks everyone to stand up for aarti and prasad.

Anu and Anuj distribute prasad to everyone, leaving Baa and Vanraj frowning more. Bavesh says he knows his sister will touch a sky of success as her charioteer is god and partner is Anuj. He then praises Anuj’s simplicity. Baa comments Bhavesh also joined Anuj’s fan club. Kavya taunts Vanraj that Bhavesh doesn’t even speak to him properly and is smilingly chatting with Anuj as he is a rich man. She says she understands how he feels, but he should please be calm as this is not the right place to react. Anuj offers prasad to Vanraj, which he doesn’t accept. Kavya accepts prasad and tells Anuj that they thought he would feel bad if they don’t attend pooja, so they came. He thanks her and Baa for coming. Anu tells Vanraj that she knows he didn’t come to attend pooja but to say something, he should watch his way and language while speaking. Anuj’s employee calls Anu and Anuj for media interview. Anu and Anuj walk away. Bapuji asks Baa to explain her so not to do what he came here for. Baa asks why should she stop her son when he cannot stop his daughter. He says Vanraj is wrong and she is blind folded in son’s love. She says let it be, if he cannot stop his daughter, she will see who will stop her son. Anu and Anuj interact with reporters, leaving Baa and Vanraj more frustrated. Kavya tells Vanraj that she doesn’t know what is going in his mind, but even they can be successful with Anuj’s help and hence he should calm down. He says he doesn’t care and will reply Anuj for his letter once the meeting is over. Anuj asks media to question Anu next. Anu interacts with media well.

Anuj gets out of stage and seeing Pakhi asks if she is feeling good seeing her mom’s success. Kavya says she is proud of her. He senses her dilemma and asks to discuss it with him. She says she doesn’t know him well. He says sometimes its easier to discuss their problems with strangers than family and friends. She asks if he loves mummy even now. Anuj gets nervous. Pakhi says papa made mistakes and her parents separated, but she is happy that both her parents stay under same roof and wants them to be around her always. He says every child wants her parents to be with her and she is not selfish, in fact even now he hopes his parents were with him. She says he understands him well. He says she need not worry that he is just her mother’s friend and their friendship will never interfere between them. She thanks him. He extends friendship hand. She says he is much elder to her. He says thank god that she didn’t call him old man, friendship depends on compatibility and not age. Pakhi shakes hand and says only if he speaks in normal language. He laughs and hugs her. Anu gets happy seeing that while Vanraj gets more jealous. Pakhi says her papa is not a bad person. He says people are not bad, but time is. She thanks him again. Vanraj angrily calls her and pampers her.

After Anu’s interaction with media, her team cheers her up. Vanraj walks to her and stands staring at her. Anu asks him to speak what is in his mind. Vanraj says he doesn’t need her permission to speak and was just waiting for pooja to end. Anu warns him to watch his words. Vanraj shouts back at him. Anu says neither she nor Anuj know telepathy, so Vanraj should speak instead of staring at them. Vanraj says speaking indirectly via shayari is a weak person’s sign. Anuj says glad to know that, he should be specific now. Vanraj shows Anuj’s sent letter and says its either bribe or charity, Vanraj Shah doesn’t like both. Anu asks him to say me instead of taking his name repeatedly as its weird. Anuj asks if this is that? Vanraj says this is that.. Anuj says he doesn’t alone take company’s decisions and is taken by a team of experts, they must have liked his business proposal and sent him a letter; whenever a start up gets a investor, they thank or deny him, but he is a first entrepreneur to insult his investor. Vanraj shouts he insulted him instead and is acting as generous. GK hopes Anuj maintains his calm. Anuj gives example of beauty peasant contestant who act as if they didn’t participate in competition when they lose, says Vanraj is acting same and forgot that he himself visited his office and submitted his proposal, why did he come when he had to create this drama. Vanraj says he came to compete there and not for consolation prize. Anu says they can talk about it in office. He says when everything is happening here in open, why should they discuss it between office’s 4 walls. Anu and Anuj angrily at once warn him. Vanraj laughs and says they proved his doubt, they wanted him to get away from their way with this charity and they can do whatever they want. Anuj says he proved that nobody can stop him from speak and wishes he speaks sensible whenever he opens his mouth next. Vanraj says he speaks truth and big businessman like him thinks only about profits. Anu asks what is his profit in it. Vanraj says his biggest profit is standing in front of him, Anu. Anu and Anuj feels disgusted with his thought.

Precap: Vanraj burns Anuj’s offer letter and shouts he can have an open affair with Anu. Anuj gets angry.

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