Anupama 5th March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakhi’s Demand For Anupama

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Anupama 5th March 2022 Written Episode

Rakhi tells Kinjal that she didn’t came to take her home not to satisfy her ego or downgrade Shahs, but because she is worried for her; if she thinks she is happy with her lower middle-class family, then its okay and she should take care of herself and her baby. Kinjal says she loves the family bonding, celebrating festivals, Baa’s nok jhok, Bapuji’s love, Samar’s care, and husband’s love. Rakhi says Anupama doesn’t stay here though; she is keeping her ego aside and accepting the truth that if Anupama was here, Kinjal would have had a single problem. Kavya says she will take care of Kinjal. Rakhi says she will give coconut water to Kinjal, wake up at night and make sure she sleeps 8 hours, do yoga with her, make sure her food has all the necessary proteins and carbohydrates, take her for doctor’s regular checkup, not let her wear high heels, etc. Kavya asks if she has to do so much. Rakhi says this is just a beginning, that is why she told Anupama’s presence is necessary; Samar is a friend, Pakhi is a kid, Baa is old, Kavya will not help, colorful Vanraj is of no use, etc. She tells Anu that without Anu’s presence, Kinjal cannot live comfortably, then she can’t live comfortably and will not let Shahs live comfortably. Kinjal promises to take care of herself. Rakhi says she will vill visit them often. Kinjal wishes her bye. Rakhi tells Anupama has maa in it, so she should respect it.

Bapuji asks Kinjal to go and rest. Baa says she will prepare juice for Kinjal. Kavya asks to prepare one for her also. Baa remembers Rakhi’s words while preparing juice and thinks nagin was right that Kinju baby won’t be having any problem if Anupama stays at Shah house. Anu happily hugs Tohu and fives him a lengthy moral gyaan on fatherhood; she says he was a son, brother, and husband earlier and now will become a father; he will get a chance to relive his childhood and get a good human in the world; he should become a a father like Bapuji; he should discuss what is in his mind with her, Vanraj, Bapuji, or anyone he likes.

Toshu walks to his room looking sad. Kinjal happily hugs him and expresses her excitement of becoming parents. Toshu says he is not ready for this baby and doesn’t want to become a father so soon, leaving her in shock. Kinjal warns Toshu not to say that again. Toshu says he wants to become a world’s best father, but is not ready yet. Kinjal asks why did he plan a baby with her then. Toshu says it was long ago and situation is different now. Kinjal warns him if he even eyes at her baby, she will show him more horrible form than Rakhi. Toshu says even a pet or plant comes in the house with mutual consent. Kinjal says it was their mutual consent. He says he is a career phase where he is not yet ready for fatherhood. Kinjal says she will bear the baby at any cost. Toshu says she should expect anything from him then and ask her to rethink her. Kinjal says her decision is final. Toshu says he is not ready to take this baby’s responsibility and he means it. Kinjal says even she means it. He walks away. She cries vigorously.

In living, family plans baby names. Sanja suggests ShuJal/Paritosh + Kinjal. Meenu jokes it good that papa didn’t keep her name or else she would have been named Dolly + Sanjay = DoSa. Mamaji jokes. Baa says she chose Ram Krishna Shah. Vanraj says its old fashioned. Baa asks if they will keep English name. Anu walks in. Samar says mummy with find a name. Baa says she will keep a long name like her long speech. Mamaji jokes again. Vanraj says baby will be with him always. Kavya asks why not her. Baa says she should have her own baby. Kavya asks her to tell this to Vanraj. Everyone feel awkward hearing that. Family continues expressing their excitement. Anuj talks to himself and says he is becoming a proxy grandfather and is getting readymade relationships, so he accepts them all, etc. Kavya thinks she got Vanraj’s hatred at last and Anu got everything because of her children, now she has to be selfish. Anu misses Anuj and thinks she is incomplete without him, but its good he is not here or else there would have been problems.

Precap: Parithosh declares that he doesn’t want a baby yet. Anuj prepares halwa for Anu. Anu tells him that she is very afraid and Shah family needs her more than before.

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