Anupama 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update: Pakhi And Adhik Express Their Feelings For Each Other In Front OF Everyone

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Anupama 5th July 2022 Written Episode

Leela tongue lashes Adhik in her usual style for trying to manipulate Pakhi. Pakhi asks Leela not to use cheap language as she liked Adhik and befriended him. Vanraj says this doesn’t work in India. Pakhi asks if extramarital affair and marriage at 50 years old works in India, says why can’t a normal friendship work between 2 young people. Leela says it doesn’t work. Pakhi says its not an old India, now having girlfriend and boyfriend is very common. Toshu says it doesn’t work in their house. Pakhi says he eloped with his girlfriend and married her, even Samar had a girlfriend, they didn’t have any objection, but hen she is having a normal friendship with Adhik, they have a problem.

Pakhi further reveals that she was insisting to visit Anupama’s house as she likes Adhik. Adhik says even he likes Pakhi. Anupama says they both spoke what they feel, we need time to think. Vanraj says there is nothing to think, Adhik is trying to trap Pakhi. Ankush asks for his multimillion worth wealth. Vanraj shouts at him. Anupama asks Vanraj to calm down as Pakhi is even her daughter. Vanraj asks her to act as mother then and give her NRI relative a tight slap. Anupama says every issue cannot be solved with a fight. Vanraj says even it cannot be solved with a lecture.

Anuj tells Vanraj that Pakhi is right, both children are adults now and they should guide them or else they will rebel and will meet each other behind them in closed rooms. Vanraj asks if everyone should become a lover like him. Anuj says its better than having extramarital affairs. Vanraj shouts its enough now and says Adhik will not meet Pakhi again. Adhik says they are not doing anything wrong, he should understand that Pakhi wants to meet him. Pakhi says she will meet Adhik as she likes him and tells Vanraj that he cannot control his life, leaving everyone in shock. She says her family can beat her, but she will not back off as she is not wrong. She stands beside Adhik and says liking anyone is not wrong.

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Anupama asks everyone to calm down and think wisely. Rakhi says they should be happy that both family relationships will get more stronger. She tells Barkha that Shah families melodramatic whenever something happens. Leela warns her to shut up or else she will give her a tight slap. Rakhi questions Leela’s upbringing and asks when Toshu can elope and marry and father Vanraj can have extramarital affair, why can’t Pakhi have a boyfriend. Vanraj shouts at Rakhi. Anupama asks her to stop pouring ghee in the fire. Rakhi asks when Vanraj after having affairs can shout, why can’t she; she is tolerating them because of her daughter and will stay here. Kinjal asks her to leave or else she will do something. Rakhi walks way.

Anupama asks Kinjal to go and rest. Leela says daughter and DIL shouldn’t see these kind of dramas, its good Dolly left early. Anupama asks Pakhi to go to her room. Pakhi refuses. Anupama asks how much she knows Adhik. Leela says its not her age for all this . Pakhi asks if she should wait till her parents’ age to have affairs after having 3 children; her mother can have a love marriage with Anuj, but she can’t. She asks if she should become disrespectul like them or meet Adhik respectfully. Samar says she should have spoken later about it. She asks when, she is the most mature person here right now. Hasmukh asks them to stop.

Anupama says she is not the mature person here or else everyone wouldn’t have suggested her. She says she doesn’t know about Vanraj, but she married Anuj after creating her own identity; Pakhi should first realize in which path she should go on, she should first decide which career path to choose and should complete her studies first. Vanraj shouts again. Anupama asks him if its necessary all the time to shout instead of talking calmy. She asks Pakhi if she can chat with Adhik in front of everyone and says she was taunting about her and Anuj’s relationship, but she maintain her limits till the marriage. Pakhi says she is talking like Vanraj with sugar-coated words. Vanraj shouts at her to go in. She ignores him and goes in when Adhik asks her.

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Vanraj requests Kapadias to leave and says Adhik shouldn’t be seen around Pakhi again. Barkha says his daughter was manipulating her brother instead. Adhik says he likes talking to Pakhi. Ankush says they would have calmly solved the issue instead of misbehavior. Vanraj says he saw their behavior when he visited their house and asks them to return to their place and asks Anu to take her joru ka ghulam/wife’s servant husband along. Anuj says ill-mannered people who disrespect their wife think so. Vanraj asks why is he standing at an ill-mannered person’s house. Anuj says he never came to his house, but always came to Hasmukh’s house; says Anupama and he will stay here and asks if its fine Mr. Shah. Vanraj shouts no. Anuj says he is speaking to real Mr Shah Hasmukh. Hasmukh says he can. Anupama asks him to go as she cannot see his insult. He leaves with his family.

Vanraj tries to blame Anupama for everything happened. Anupama says everything happened because of her and asks if he is happy now. Barkha panics after returning home and asks Adhik if he found only Vanraj Shah’s daughter in the whole world. Ankush says Adhik met Pakhi harly 3-4 times till now. Adhik says its a love at first sight like Anuj and them, its normal. Anuj says he wants to hear truth. Adhik says he likes Pakhi and took her to the room to express his feeling for her. Barkha says he should have realized that she is Anupama’s daughter. Adhik says so what, he doesn’t have any direct relationship with Anupama. Sara asks if he genuinely likes Pakhi. Adhik says yes.

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Anupama feels disheartened recalling today’s events. Samar comforts her and says she need not take stress as they will manage. Anupama says she is feeling afraid.

Precap: Vanraj orders Anupama to separate her maika and sasural. Anupama says he is not her maika but his past which haunts her often. Adhik manipulates Pakhi saying only they have right to take their life’s decision and she shouldn’t give up easily. Vanraj says Adhik or his family will not visit his house from hereon.

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