Anupama 5th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj’s Sacrifice

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Anupama 5th February 2022 Written Episode

Anupama decides to leave Anuj’s house and tells him that she may be going from his house but not from his heart, he shouldn’t worry a bit about her and think of Mukku instead as she needs him the most. Kaise Kahoon Bina Tere Zindagi Ye Kya Hogi.. song. He holds her sari pallu and recites shayari that its time to erase the line of wait from his hand, he cannot wait for her or her and Mukku and will die if he loses them, so he has made a decision and he wants her to support it without any question or judgement as his decision is right. She says she is always with him and asks what will he do. He says she will find out tomorrow. She thinks if he will do something big. Anu, Anuj, Vanraj, and Mukku eagerly wait for the morning.

Next morning, Anuj walks out of his room. Anu offers him sweet curd as a good luck and says she doesn’t know what is going to do, but knows he always does right and she will support him always. They both leave for office. Vanraj also gets ready for office and thinks why did Mukku call him to office early, don’t know what must have happened. He asks Toshu to accompany. Bapuji asks where is he going. Vanraj says office. Bapuji asks him to go once his anger calms down. He says he will not as its a judgement day and walks away. He reaches office and asks Malvika if she spoke to Anuj, what did they decide. Malvika says she is yet to decide, why does her brother not value her and thinks only about her. Anu after hearing Anuj’s decision asks why did he do this, she promised not to get angry but has to as she has right on him. Malvika tells Anuj without consulting her transferred everything in her name. Vanraj is shocked to hear that. Malvika says Anu transferred her stake in Anuj’s name and Anuj transferred his whole stake in her name, they became great and made her too small. Vanraj grins and imagines sitting in Anuj’s seat.

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Anuj says his sister questioned his identity, so he had to do this. Anu says sibling relationship is not that simple, its his duty to stop his sister when she does wrong. He says he feels Mukku can handle the business and herself alone now. Anu says handling alone is fine, but trusting a wrong person is wrong person like Vanraj; he is leaving his sister in trouble. He says what if Mukku herself wants to go away from him. She continues explaining him and asks what if Mukku transfers her right to Anuj. He says he doesn’t know what will happen next and if his decision is right or wrong, but this is the best route he found. She says his decision is completely wrong. Malvika cries that she is moody and stupid, but not selfish and cannot take her brother and Anu’s right. Vanraj gets tensed hearing that, stops her and says he knows what she is going to do but should listen to him once. Anu tells Anuj that business and money are nothing, but he should value the relationship, etc. Anuj says he was orphan, his parents brought him home and gave him Mukku, GK, and this wealth; he never wanted this wealth and was just guarding it, and just like any guard’s duty ends, even his duty ended; his relationship will not end and will reach Mukku even if he is dead; this decision was extremely tough for him and he needs Anu’s support.

Precap: Vanraj tells Mukku that her brother is Anu’s puppet and just follows her orders, and though Anuj left her, he will not leave her forever. Anu warns Anuj that Vanraj can go to any extent for his benefit, she doesn’t support his decision.

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