Anupama 4th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Anuj And Anupama Perform Bhoomi Pooja

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Anupama 4th October 2021 Written Episode

Anupama offers bhoomi pooja invitation card to Baa. Baa denies to accept it. Vanraj checks card and worly reads invitation by Anupama Anuj Kapadia instead of invitation by Anupama And Anuj Kapadia. Kavya taunts Anu that is lucky. Vanraj shouts how dare Anuj is to print her name with his name, he has cheap vision. Anu says his vision is weak instead and hence he didn’t read & in between their names; name and people are different, but his thinking is still same and cheap. Vanraj says now names are in same card and soon will be together. Anu says their names were not together when they were married and he wanted only his name even then, today he is jealous seeing her name on card, a name which was hidden under his name for years surfaced up and is hitting his eyes. She then tells Baa that they need to go tomorrow at 9 a.m., she will finish all household chores before that. Baa tears card and throws it on Anu. Kinjal and Samar confronts her. Mamaji says didi does same when angry, she tore his book once. Baa warns him to keep quiet and taunts Anu that she went to Mumbai and left her shame there or else she wouldn’t have given her a card which has her name printed with a stranger man’s name. Anu says it was not a birthday or personal card but a business invitation card where both partners’ card was printed. Baa asks if she will go even then. Anu says yes. Bapuji confronts Baa that she would have been happy if her son was offered partnership, she hasn’t accepted Anu as her daughter by heart. Heartbroken Anu picks card pieces and tells Baa that she will wait at 9 a.m. tomorrow, gives halwa box to Kinjal and walks away.

Baa orders that nobody will attend this pooja tomorrow. Bapuji says he will followed by Mamaji, Kinjal, Samar, and Pakhi. Mamaji tells Baa that respected is gained and even lost with deeds, so she shouldn’t lose her respect. Baa shouts if he will teach her what is right and wrong. Mamaji says she should learn from Anu and that girl never did wrong, he feels Anu is right. Kavya provokes Baa that she and Vanraj should be habituated to see Anu and Anuj’s name together as she feels with the speed Anuj is going, he will propose Anu next week and they will be attend Anu and Anuj’s wedding soon. Vanraj shouts. Kavya says she is telling truth; they need 4 people to lift palanquin, but here we have 6 people, Bapuji, Mamaji, Samar, Kinjal, Pakhi, and Nandini.

Anu while having halwa tells GK that there must have been a big drama at Anu’s house. GK says there must have been a dhamaka, he saw a dream seeing Anu and Anuj together in kitchen. Anuj says its an unfulfilled dream. GK says he should propose Anu after pooja. Anuj says no. GK jokes to stop eating more as he is putting on weight. Anuj asks what can he do when Anu’s food is very tasty. GK says a happy person is one who is flappy after having wife’s prepared food. Anuj says he is feeling happy nowadays and hopes Anu is also happy at her home. On the other side, Anu fixes invitation card on mirror and cheers herself saying a new journey is facing turbulence, soon everything will be alright.

Next morning, Anuj prepares for pooja. GK tells Devika that Anuj looks very focused in pooja arrangements. Anuj asks not to joke today when Anu’s whole family is with her. Devika jokes. Anuj says Anu should have been on time at least for pooja. Anu enters with family. Anuj smiles and recites shayari in his mind. Devika and GK greet Anu’s family. Pakhi says Anu and Anuj have color coordinated their clothes. Anu says their clothes and business are same. Anuj says their color is same from today and shows her hotel’s plan. She excitedly watches it. Tumse Milna Baatein Karna Bada Acha Lagta hai.. song plays in Anuj’s mind. He asks if they can take a selfie as media wanted both partner’s selfie pic. Anu says let us make their journey memorable. He clicks selfie and shows it to her. She says its very nice and asks to send it to Samar. He thinks it will become a wall paper now. At home, Kavya during breakfast fumes that they are having khakra here while Anu are enjoying on the other side; earlier Rakhi used to taunt them, now whole world will. Vanraj tries to shut her mouth. Baa asks him why don’t he do something. He asks if he should ruin their family name like Anu is doing, he will not attend pooja and spoil his mood. Courier man gives him a letter. He reads it and angrily says she shouldn’t have done this.

Anuj walks Samar and chats with him. Samar emotionally hugs him and says nobody gave his mummy so much respect and he is thankful for that, his mummy is most important to him in this world. Anuj says even his mummy was important to him. Samar thanks him for giving his mummy an opportunity to fulfill her dream. He says they are just means, Anu paved her way herself. Samar asks him to promise that he will always support his mummy. Anuj promises and asks him to chill. Samar hugs him again. Mamaji jokes with Bapuji and asks if he is elder than GK. GK says he is elder by age, but Bapuji is elder by thinking; he asks about Baa. Bapuji says he is happy with children and his yaadon ki baraat/mamaji. Kinjal thanks Devika for being Anu’s friend. Devika jokes one should get a boring and gyaan/knowledge throwing friend like Anu. Anuj and Anu sit for pooja. Pandit perform pooja. Vanraj with Baa and Kavya enters and gets jealous seeing Anu and Anuj performing pooja together. Anu notices them.

Precap: Pandit prays god that Anu and Anuj’s partnership should be strong always. Vanraj burns in jealousy like a havan fire.
Kavya hopes V shouldn’t create a drama now.

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