Anupama 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj And Anupama Discuss Pakhi and Adhik’s Marriage Rituals

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Anupama 4th November 2022 Written Episode

Anupama walks to Little Anu’s room and makes her sleep. Pakhi walks to her, recalling Adhik’s advice that they shall sleep in different rooms until their families accept their marriage. Pakhi claims he is better than she thought. Adhik suggests she try to reconcile herself with Anupama until he agrees. Pakhi says she will sleep in Little Anu’s room until then. In a flashback, she tells Anupama the words of Adhik. She then pleads for Anupama to comfort her fearful daughter and pamper her like Adhik. She lies on Anupama’s lap and says she is feeling lonely even after being with her and pleads to hug her. Anupama comforts her, then turns to her and makes her go to sleep. Anuj sees them and stands at the door to perform their nazar.

Vanraj hears loud music next morning and subconsciously asks Pakhi for a halt. His family looks at him. He recalls yesterday’s incident and shouts to end this music. Samar claims it is playing outside. He touches Vanraj’s feet and wishes him saal mubarak/happy new year. Vanraj touches his elders’ feet. Jignesh jokes about Vanraj’s maami/uncle. Toshu comes home and greets everyone at saal Mubarak. He claims he heard of Pakhi and returned home. Leela agrees that it is good that he has come. Toshu says he can’t believe that Pakhi did a same mistake which he did.

Anupama, on the other hand, serves breakfast to Little Anu. She also informs Anuj that she has four days of college vacation. Ankush informs Anuj that they are having an important business meeting and that if they can strike a deal, they will be celebrating a happy new Year. Adhik is accompanied by Pakhi in a sari. Little Anu wishes them happy new year and says she already touched elders’ feet and took their blessings. Barkha claims she won’t bless anyone. Anuj and Ankush bless them. Anupama asks them to stop touching her feet, and wishes them a happy new year. Adhik

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