Anupama 4th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Maaya’s Madness

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Anupama 4th May 2023 Written Episode

Maaya tells Anuj that she knows that maybe she is wrong, but her love is not wrong. Anuj says love is right when its a sacrifice and wrong when its a steal or forceful snatch. Maaya says she is not snatching him from anyone and just knows that she loves him immensely, though less than Anupama. She needs him. Anuj says he belongs to only Anupama and she is his first and last love, Maaya is just his daughter’s biological mother and can only be friends only if she doesn’t interfere between him and Anupama. He says when its impossible to gain love, they should leave it. Maaya asks if he had stopped loving Anupama when she was married to Vanraj, then how can she stop loving him. Anuj says this is getting really weird. Maaya asks when his love for Anupama wasn’t weird, then how her love for him is weird. Anuj says his love was in limits, but Maaya’s love is not. Maaya says its not a love if it doesn’t break barriers; one-sided love is not wrong. Anuj says enough now, he respects her love as he had one-sided love for 26 years, but expecting it back forcefully is wrong; she should end this topic right here. He walks out of room. Maaya hugs Anuj’s shirt and says it doesn’t end her; when he can get Anupama after 26 years, she will get him for sure.

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