Anupama 4th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Maaya Makes A Startling Revelation

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Anupama 4th March 2023 Written Episode

Kavya tells Anupama that she took undue advantage of Anupama’s goodness and snatched her husband, thanks god that Anuj came in Anupama’s life or else she would have died out of guilt thinking Anupama lost her husband because of her. Barkha murmurs that poor woman was dying of guilt earlier for snatching Anupama’s husband and now thinking what kind of a husband she stole. Ankush says let us hear. Kavya tells Anupama that Bholenath watches everything and hence Anupama is blessed despite being ruined and Kavya is ruined even after destroying Anupama’s house. Anupama asks why is she repeating history. Kavya says she is trying to stop history from repeating again. Anupama asks whom. Kavya says Maaya, she will not let anyone doing wrong to Anuapama and will not let Maaya become Kavya. Anupama anxiously asks her to be clear. Kavya says she heard a childhood story that a nagin/snake bit a person who saved her, Maaya is that nagin who is trying to destroy Anupama’s married life; Anupama gave respect to Maaya and let her stay in her house, but Maaya started loving her husband being in her own house.

Everyone look shocked hearing that. Leela asks how does she know about it. Kavya says because Maaya herself revealed it; she agrees love happens to anyone, but love should be gained and not snatched; ever since she learnt about it, she was thinking how to inform everyone; she was quiet thinking Maaya would correct herself, but Maaya’s misdeeds forced her to reveal it; Maaya is fasting for Anuj and when all husbands were fixing bangles in their wives’ wrists, Maaya took a thread from Anuj’s stole and tied it around her wrist and even now touched Anuj’s feet silently; she is angry as its wrong to love a married man and interfere between 2 lovers. She further reveals what she did with Anuj during picnic. Anuj gets tensed recalling promising Anupama that he would never hide anything from her.

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