Anupama 4th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Dilemma

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Anupama 4th June 2023 Written Episode

Vanraj walks to Anupama and thanks her for hiding about Kavya’s pregnancy with the family. Anupama says informing this good news to the family is Kavya and Vanraj’s right. Vanraj says he feels so elated, it’s weird that Pari’s uncle or aunt is younger than her, he can’t express how double happy he is. Anupama says god gave him a chance to reconcile his differences with Kavya, he should hold Kavya’s hand and embrace parenthood with her; there is a distance of one step between them and their happiness; he is mature enough to handle everything. Leela calls them both. Anupama tells Vanraj they should go down now as everyone are waiting for them and walks down.

Maaya tells Anuj that she made all the arrangements well and nothing is left. Anuj says there shouldn’t be. Baraat arrives with Samar on a scooter and Shahs dancing. Kapadias feel happy seeing baraat. Anuj smiles seeing Anupama’s dance. Maaya feels jealous. Anupama shies seeing Anuj. Dimpy also feels shy. Maaya says Samar is looking cute.

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