Anupama 4th June 2022 Written Episode Update: Anuj’s Family Arrives From USA

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Anupama 4th June 2022 Written Episode

Anuj gets excited seeing Barkha and hugs her. Barkha asks how is her surprise and says after marriage, hubby has turned chubby. Anuj says its amazing and introduces Anupama to her. Anupama touches her feet. Barkha gets confused. Anuj says Anupama is seeking her blessings. Barkha blesses her and says the culture of touching feet is not in USA. Anupaam says wherever Indians go, they carry their culture. Anuj says Barkha looks India but is born and bought up in America, she used to speak Hindi in accen. Barkha says Bollywood has spoilt NRI’s image, hence relatives from India who come to US think she will wear a blonde wig and hold wine glass, but the fact is culture can be different but not relationships and bhabhi is always bhabhi. She asks Anupama what would be they called. Anupama says sethani and devrani. Barkha says right. Anupama gives her a tight hug.

Leela stops Kinjal from attending a music concert. Kinjal requests to let go as her vanar sena Pakhi, Paritosh, and Samar are there to protect her. They all 3 also insist leela to let them take Kinjal with them. Leela gets adamant.

Anupama gets teary eyed emotionally. Barkha asks why is she crying. Anuj says these are tears of happiness. Anupama thanks Barkha for being Anuj’s family. Anuj also gets teary eyed. Anuj laughs seeing Arun’s message asking if devrani and jethani’s fight started. Arun walks to them. They discuss about the old myths of devrani and jethani’s fights. Arun says says forget all this and celebrate as they are meeting after a long time. He opens a champagne bottle. Barkha clicks pics and gives an evil smile.

Leela explains Kinjal that there would be crowd in the concert and she may get hurt. Kinjal agrees and backs off. Partiosh too decide to stay back with Kinjal. Vanraj and Leela assures that they will take care of Kinjal and ask Paritosh , Samar, and Pakhi to go. They all three feel excited. Samar, Pakhi and Paritosh enjoy at the concernt. Samar and Pakhi dance with the young crowd. Paritosh goes to bring drink for them.

Arun asks Anuj about his six pack abs. Anuj says Anupama cooks really well. Arun praises Anupama’s beauty. Anupama gets emotional hearing that. Barkha and Arun ask what happened to her. Anuj explains again that Anupama gets emotional often. They both see an empty photo frame. Anupama says she was a wife and now became a daughter-in law too and feels very happy find a family. Arun asks Anuj and Anupama to have a drink. They both hesitate Arun praises Anuj for being a good husband. Barkha asks Arun to learn from Anuj and give an evil look at ech other. Samar’s friends call him. Pakhi asks Samar to go. Samar says he can’t leave her alone. Pakhi says sye not a kid now and says Paritosh is around to protect her.

A boy from the crowd tries to get close to Pakhi. Another boy holds her. He sees her getting uncomfortable and defends her. Pakhi thanks the boy and then is shocked seeing his face. Samar criticizes his friend painting and asks paints such a bad painting and gives him some advice. He then interacts with a girl and gets smitten with her charm.

Anupama and Anuj sweep the floor. Arun apologizes them. Anupama says she wil cook for them. Barkha says she has already cooked the food and taunts Arun to learn from them. Arun says they both are cute couple. Barkha says Anuj expresses his love so much. Arun says when there is love, it shows off. Barkha gets offended hearing that.

Precap: Paritosh shouts at the boy for troubling Pakhi. Pakhi says the boy was helping her, it was another boy who troubled her. Barkha plans to interior decorate the house. Anuj reveals that Anupama is the owner now, leaving Barkha and Arun in shock.

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