Anupama 4th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj’s Disgusting Act

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Anupama 4th February 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj asks Rakhi to do one thing new as a substitute of her standard taunts and asks if she doesn’t get tired of it. Rakhi taunts again saying she will be able to perceive his frustration as his spouse threw a divorce discover on his face, he should be in a seeing a easy housewife Anu taking such a giant step, its surprising for even her; she thought if he leaves Anu, she can not tolerate it and would die in sorrow, however she’s going to take revenge from him and a cow has turn into injured tiger who won’t spare him; she knew that Kinjal goes for interview to his firm, however she didn’t cease him; she even sat on his chair yesterday; he should be pondering how did she discover out about it, she has her sources throughout; a masala grinding girl has grinded a chutney out of him; she heard Anu simply requested divorce with none alimony, Anu will take revenge for his every heinous act whether or not she ask alimony or not. Vanraj says even he hasn’t worn bangles and can reply to every Anu’s assault. Rakhi taunts that he’s very naive and doesn’t have a little bit of scope on this case, girl are all the time pitied and Anu will turn into a sufferer together with her tears and Vanraj/Kavya will turn into villians and society will spit on them and so they received’t have the ability to present their face to anybody, Anu will turn into a star of everybody’s eyes and a messiah of husband-tortured girls, he by no means is aware of she might turn into a political celebration chief as she offers speeches effectively; she will be able to see solely darkness for them, solely Vanraj has misplaced a job and Anu might get Kavya additionally out of job and so they might not even have cash to pay a lawyer. She lastly says she spoke what she needed to and so they can go away now. Vanraj stands tensed reminiscing his nameplate on flooring.

After annual operate preparation, college students inform Anu that they loved quite a bit and ask if they are going to win. She says profitable or shedding is in god’s arms, they only must carry out their greatest. They are saying she is so cool. Pakhi stands jealous noticing that. Anu noticing her sees off college students and dashing to Pakhi tries to pamper her after which provides her burger. Pakhi stands silently. Anu retains burger in her bag and asks if she is completely happy at Kavya’s home as she doesn’t have Samar, grandparents, mom, and Kinjal there; all of them bear in mind her. Pakhi says she is ok. Anu says home is empty with out her and asks how is her follow going, if Kavya is instructing her effectively. Pakhi reminisces requesting Kavya to show her dance as they didn’t even choose a tune but. Kavya says she may be very tensed as Anu has despatched Kinjal over her who troubles her quite a bit, so she can not handle. Anu asks if somebody is unhappy. Pakhi walks away. Anu prays god to maintain Pakhi completely happy.

At house, Baa says she was completely happy earlier pondering Kinjal hasn’t gone on her mother, but when she had gone it could have been good as she would have made Kavya insane together with her taunts. Anu asks why ought to they assume dangerous about somebody, what’s going to they get by giving ache to somebody, and prays god that Kavya stays completely happy in her home and so they keep completely happy of their home. She walks choosing sauce bottles and drops them seeing Vanraj coming in entrance of her all of the sudden. Vanraj says she needed a reply to her divorce discover and now he has introduced now. He shouts that she says she doesn’t need something and simply peaceable divorce and on the opposite aspect she is displaying that she is tortured by her husband and needs to show her greatness by not asking alimony; as if he’s destroyed, met with an accident and misplaced his job due to her curse; she is performing nice and on the opposite aspect her plans to insult and destroy him; on the opposite aspect her conceitedness and stubbornness; she desires to show that she left him as a substitute. She says she can not understands what he’s saying. He asks her to learn the discover in entrance of everybody. Anu opens discover and appears at it. He laughs and says he forgot that she doesn’t know English. Samar takes discover and stands shocked studying it. Vanraj smirks at him. Anu asks what’s written in it. Vanraj says no matter written is reality. Anu and Baa insist to learn. Samar says its written that Anu is.. Kinjal reads discover subsequent and angrily appears at Vanraj. Anu asks once more what’s written in it. Vanraj asks if she’s going to or he ought to. Kinjal says its written that Anu is mentally unstable, she will get panic assaults and staying together with her is dangerous for his life, so he wants divorce from her. Household stands shocked heafring that.

Bapuji asks Vanraj how can he stoop so low, he taught him to take care of his decency even in anger. Baa says she supported him all the time however not on this matter. Toshu asks what is that this. Kinjal says that is nonsense, how can name mummy insane to fulfill his ego. Vanraj says its between his and his spouse, so that they shouldn’t intervene. He asks Anu if she remembers how she used to get panic assaults repeatedly, how she sat behind a swinger at midnight, how she obtained panic assault throughout their second wedding ceremony night time, he himself noticed her getting panic assaults and don’t know what number of instances she would have gotten panic assaults, even she is aware of that she is mentally unstable and repeats if she agrees or not. Anu shouts sure she will get panic assaults; she hid behind swinger and her arms had been shivering in concern. He says she agrees then. She says its true and there’s a motive behind it. He asks what’s it. She shouts Vanraj Shah, he’s the rationale for her concern, a girl shivers when the bottom underneath her slips and his betrayal slipped the bottom underneath her; she thought of him as god, however he betrayed her; she grew to become what he needed to; this story could also be bitter, however its ending won’t be bitter; his story was low cost, however now its disgusting. Vanraj says he replies he’s questioned; she insulted him in his home, workplace and in every single place; now she’s going to notice what’s insult. Anu says she has suffered insult for 25 years and suffocation and needed to dwell freely, however he can not even tolerate that; if a 25-year-old sandalwood tree is minimize, it spreads fragrance even then, however nothing is left right here; a girl ties many knots round her which she can not open even when she desires, however his heinous act opened all her knots and a hidden feeling left within the nook of her home for him died at the moment, now all the pieces is completed. She continues that good he confirmed his heinous face in entrance of everybody, now Toshu won’t blame her, Baa will notice that her son is unfit to even for hatred. She is grateful for clearing her hurdle and replying to her divorce discover; he tried to throw grime on her, however when a girl, spouse, and mom’s coronary heart is harm, she turns into hearth and grime can not keep on hearth; he can do no matter he desires and stoop low, she’s going to reply to his every reply in entrance of everybody in courtroom; he left his home and she or he left her concern; she thought this story will finish peacefully, but when just a few extra pagers are to be added, she is prepared for it as she is totally different now and he ought to bear in mind it. Household watches them silently. Vanraj says if she is totally different, then he isn’t earlier Vanraj, now there received’t be any hesitation however battle.

Precap: Samar confronts Kavya for talking sick about Anu. Kavya shouts his mom is an inexpensive girl.
Samar breaks stuff in her home. She information police grievance towards him. Anu feels Samar is in peril.

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