Anupama 3rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Toshu Is Having An Affair?

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Anupama 3rd September 2022 Written Episode

Hasmukh notices Anupama lost in thoughts and asks what is she thinking. Anupama says something is bother Rakhi and she is unable to speak about it. Hasmukh says even he felt so, she shouldn’t worry until Rakhi speaks herself. Anupama says Rakhi unable to express her thought is a big worry. Hasmukh asks her not to worry about Rakhi and go home as Anuj and Little Anu are waiting for her. Anupama says Kinjal needs her here. Hasmukh says even Anuj needs her. Anupama says GK is taking care of Anuj now. Hasmukh says she’s not though. Anupama says she can be present at one place at one time. Hasmukh says a woman has many forms and everyone want a mother, a daughter, a sister, a wife separately. Anupama says she is even a grandmother now and wants all hold all the relationships together. Hasmukh hopes so.

He says Leela is feeling guilty for scolding doctor and apologized doctor with a sweet box. Anupama says Leela loves Kinjal a lot and is worried for Kinjal. They both talk about how a doctor saves patient’s lives with their knowledge and are very important for the society. Hasmukh then seeks her permission to have a cream roll. Anupama permits and asks him to her also one. Anuj and Little Anu call Anupama while having dinner and chat with her. Anupama disconnects call when Toshu calls her, disappointing Anuj. Barkha with Ankush notices that and requests Anuj to let her take care of Little Anu in Anupama’s absence. Anuj says his daughter is capable of taking car of herself, so they need not bother. Barkha tells Ankush its the last chance to get into Anuj’s good books by taking care of Anuj and Little Anu in Anupama’s absence.

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Toshu shows hospital documents to Anupama. Rakhi questions him how was his job interview at Mumbai. He says it was good. She asks where had he stayed and what is a name of the company. He nervously says stayed at a friend’s place. Rakhi says must be some important person and hence he left Kinjal alone in this condition; asks if the company is in Mumbai or Gujarat. Leela yells at Rakhi to stop treating her son-in-law like a criminal, this is not a time to discuss all this. Receptoinist informs that visiting hours are over, only 1 family member can stay with the patient. Toshu says he will stay with Kinjal. Rakhi says not him as men don’t know women’s ordeal and are careless. Leela says yes. Vanraj says Anupama should stay back then, he then apologizes her and says she should return home to Anuj and Little Anu.

Rakhi says she will stay back with Kinjal. Toshu says he wants to spend some time with Kinjal and baby. Samar taunts him. Leela asks Toshu go and spend time with them. Rakhi walks behind Toshu and warns him to dare not go near her daughter and granddaughter. Shahs asks Anupama to let Samar drop her home. Anupama says she will go by auto as everyone are tired after running around since morning. Rakhi confronts Toshu and asks if he thought he won’t be caught after his sin and raises hand to slap him but stops. Anupama leaves in an auto, realizes she forgot something, and asks driver to take her back to the hospital.

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Toshu asks what did he do that she wants to slap him. She says he went to Rajkot instead and spent time with a girl in a hotel room. Toshu stands tensed hearing that. Rakhi says she doesn’t spare whoever tries to harm her and her family. Toshu nervously says she is misunderstanding. She asks what was he doing with a woman in a hotel room then. Toshu says that girl is just his friend and met him by chance. Rakhi asks if he was meeting that girl since 3 months by chance and spending time with her in a hotel room. Toshu repeats she is misunderstanding him. Rakhi warns to break his mouth if he lies again. She describes the pain a pregnant woman goes through and says Toshu cheated on Kinjal when she was pregnant and asks what if his daughter gets a cheating husband like him.

Rakhi says she used to think that her son-in-law is a waste body and a burden on earth, but was happy that he loves her daughter immensely; Toshu broke that myth and proved that he is Vanraj’s son; he can be Vanraj’s son, but she will not let her daughter become Anupama. She holds his collar and asks how dare he is to cheat her daughter. Toshu requests her to speak slowly. Rakhi warns to destroy him and his family. Toshu accepts that he had an affair and says it was just a fling. Rakhi asks what if waman has a fling, if the girl knows that she is just a fling for him. Toshu says Kinjal was pregnant and he had cravings, but he loves only Kinjal. Rakhi holds his collar again and warns him to shut his mouth or else she will break it, she doesn’t want to punish Kinjal and her daughter for his mistake and gives him a last chance to mend his ways or else she will tear him into pieces.

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Precap: Leela informs Anupama that Rakhi wants to take Kinjal and baby to her home. Anupama gives her oath to Toshu and asks what did he do. Toshu sheds tears with a bent head.

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