Anupama 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Anuj’s Dance

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Anupama 3rd September 2021 Written Episode

Anuj Kapadia/AK climbs table and tells his friends they shouldn’t say he climbed table to show his fitness, people say 40 is the new 30, they are wrong, we are 20 with 20 years of experience. Devika says he never changed and asks Anu if he knows Anuj. Anu says she doesn’t, even he was asking same. She says she should just remember only Baa, Bapuji, and family. Another friend takes Devika along. Anuj says he was abroad, but his heart was in his country, but late but not last, he, his friends, and his heart are still here. He recites a shayari and says let us do what they used to during college days. A friend says let us eat a lot and dance a lot. AK asks who will dance. Devika says he will. AJ says lets dance and sing. Vanraj and Kavya also enter same hotel.

Nandini meets her ex-boyfriend Rohan and asks what he wants to say. He says just one word sorry. She says he is always late, its pointless now, she thought she loved him and even he was. He says he still loves her. She says she doesn’t and have moved on and he left her when she needed him most. He says he was an idiot and he realized it when his mom met with an accident. Rohan tells Nandini that he knows she still loves him and Samar is just a time pass. Nandini warns to don’t dare say that as he was never with her when they were together, for the first time she is feeling a true relationship, so he should leave. He holds her hand forcefully. Samar punches him and says this is India and if he forcefully touches a girl, he will be trashed. Rohan asks who is he. Samar warns if he is seen around Nandu, he will not return to USA with same face. Rohan asks what if Nandini herself calls him. Samar says he will not say anything. Nandini asks him to leave. Rohan says he will go but will return for Nandu. Samar gets angry and asks how dare he calls her Nandu. She says its a nick name. He says he wouldn’t have called her Nandu. She says he makes her feel special. He says she has Rohan’s named tattoo on her hand. She says Rohan is her past. He asks who is the future. She says of course you, she lols him. He says she lol’d even him. She says he is mature and hence she loves him, she should have informed him before, apologizes and requests not to hurt him. He says he will go from here then and leaves. She pleads to stop.

AK sings Purani Jeans Aur Guitar.. song playing guitar and friends enjoy. Devika notices his attention towards Anu. Vanraj and Devika pass by not noticing them and think its a fun party. Devika tells AK that people forget each other’s face, but he is still stuck in the past; when Bill Clinton became president, DDLJ was released and Virat Kohli was only 7 -year-old then, since then he is one-sided loving a girl without any expectations. AK says a sensible person can either expect or love, so he didn’t expect and just loved. She asks if he means he didn’t find anyone in USA since 26 years. He says he found many, but nobody could settle in his heart. She says he is like her and hopes he gets some place in Anu’s heart. He asks not to give him hope and spoil his peace She says at least he can dance with Anu. He asks not to give him hope. She says she will do it now. She takes AK to Anu and he insists her for a dance. Everyone cheer him up.

Kavya hopes they also party like this. AK starts dancing on Ankhiyon Se Goli Maare.. song and insists Anu. Anu dances with him energetically. Devika says nobody can be like Anuj and Anupama. Kavya and Vanraj hear that and walk near to check and are shocked to see Anu dancing with AK. Kavya says he is AK and Anupama’s classmate. Vanraj remembers Devika telling their college’s most handsome boy was mad behind Anu seeing her dance. Anu noticing them walks to them and asks what are they doing here. Kavya says she didn’t inform that AK was his classmate. Anu says she didn’t know. He says without knowing she is dancing with him. Kavya asks what would have she done if she knew him. Anu warns her not to talk nonsense. Vanraj says her friend was discussing about Anuj earlier. Anu says he knows she doesn’t lie and shouldn’t think wrong at this age. Their argument starts. Devika passes by with Anuj and asks Vanraj and Kavya what are they doing here and introduces them. AK remembers Vanraj. Vanraj says he had come to his office today. AK apologizes him for not attending him today and says he didn’t know he is Anu’s ex-husband. Kavya says else he would have finalized the deal. AK says he liked Vanraj’s property but once his legal team sorts out their doubt, he will get back to him. Kavya acts too friendly with AK and takes selfie with him. Anu says this is not the place for business. AK says she is right, its a place for party, so lets party. Vanraj says he is getting late and walks away with Kavya. Anu says even she is getting late. Devika says she is in a party mood. Anu thanks her bringing her to this party and AK for throwing this party, says she will remember his name hereon and suggests not to dance like he did again. He smiles and offers to drop her. She denies saying she likes being alone and leaves thinking about family. He recites a shayari/poem again.

Precap: AK’s father asks him if he met Anu today.
He says she doesn’t remember him. Anu dances on party song in her room. Kavya tells Vanraj that they should make use of Anu and AK’s friendship. AK picking Anu’s old rose thinks Anu is in trouble and he can help her.

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