Anupama 3rd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama Has A Nervous Breakdown

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Anupama 3rd November 2022 Written Episode

Pakhi believes that Anupama should be able to understand her role as a mother. Anuj questions why only mothers should understand. Anupama isn’t a stone that Pakhi could always insult and hurt. Ankush says everyone’s anger is valid, anyways its not a time to talk all this, so they can go to their room and rest. Adhik and Pakhi walk away. Ankush asks Anuj to check on him. Anuj states that he is fine but is exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. Ankush believes he does, but Anupama has to take care of everything. Anuj claims that he took on this huge responsibility himself and is worried that he might not be able handle it. Ankush asks him to calm Barkha down and he walks towards his bedroom.

Akush brings Pakhi to his bedroom and performs her grand graha pravesh. He feeds her chocolate and says he wanted to lift and bring her to his room like movie groom does, but after lifting her heavy suitcases, he didn’t have courage to lift her. They both congratulated each other on their marriage. Anuj enters his room and notices Anu having a nervous breakdown and lying in Little Anu’s canopy crying vigorously. He comforts her by lying down beside her. Samar comforts Vanraj, and he promises he won’t elope or marry. Vanraj says he shouldn’t or else he can’t tolerate it, then says he should do whatever he feels right. Samar agrees. Vanraj requests Samar to let him be for a time.

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