Anupama 3rd March 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakhi Arrives In Style

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Anupama 3rd March 2022 Written Episode

Vanraj taunts if Anupama and her boyfriend didn’t return yet. Anu enters with Anuj and says they had gone to get sweet to celebrate good news. Kinjal thanks her and apologizes that birthday party is stopped in the middle because of her. Anu says birthday comes every year, but the happiness she gave will not come often. Kinjal says even then. Baa says any grandmother/daadi doesn’t look good celebrating birthday, grandmother looks good celebrating grandhchildrfen’s birthday and doing pooja and teerath yatra/religious travel. Mamaji jokes great grandmother means very old, toothless, ICU. Bapuji tells Baa that any woman’s total identity is not one relationship and just like a heroine performs different roles where she performs pooja paat in 1 film, a housewife in another, a 16-year-old young loving girl in another, similarly every woman is a heroine who performs these roles; even she is a pooja paat performing daadi and a shying woman when he praises her beauty. Daadi shies. Bapuji says Daadi doesn’t shy, but a 16-year-old girl in her shes; similarly, Anupama is a housewife, a daadi, and a 16-year-old girl who will also love and celebrate her birthday.

Samar presents a 45-dish thali to Anupama to celebrate her 45th birthday. Mamaji jokes its a 44-1/2 dish thali as didi finished half cup kheer. Baa says she was feeling hungry. Anu thanks them all and identifies who prepared each dish. Bapuji says she had cut the cake last night, so they thought of doing something else. Samar says mummy always spent birthdays in kitchen whether its their birthday, her birthday, or Kanhaji’s birthday; she was happy but was not participating in birthdays as she was busy in the kitchen always. Anu emotionally hugs him. Bapuji says they will sing for Anu today. They make her sit and taste the dishes. She shares imlie candy with Anuj, leaving Vanrja jealous. Samar clicks family selfie.

Vanraj walks to Anu. Anu says he must have become to taunt her and is always busy whole day thinking of taunting her. He asks if she thinks he thinks only about her whole day. She says lets talk as grandparents and asks him to suggest Toshu to concentrate on Kinjal and gives her long moral gyaan that a woman becomes a mother easily, but husband finds it difficult to become a father and go in a shock like Toshu is; he knows there is a regular argument between Toshu and Kinjal, he should explain Toshu to stop it. Vanraj says he will speak to Toshu. Anuj notices them together. Vanraj tells Anu that a man is like a kid who wants to run away from responsibility, but baby is a responsibility that cannot be escaped and one has to sacrifice their freedom; Tosh is afraid of it, but will realize it soon.

Baa orders Kinjal to take a break from job till her delivery. Kinjal says she can’t. Baa gives Dolly’s example who took 1 year’s leave from job. Dolly says her pregnancy was complicated. Baa says she doesn’t know all that. Anu hearing her conversation says she never took leave from household work during her 3 pregnancies and even doctor suggests to work. She asks if bAa stopped working during her pregnancies. Baa says she didn’t. Anu says its Kinjal’s body and her wish. Baa walks away angrily warning her to stop giving 5-page lecture and not interfere in their family issues as she is an outsider now. Anu feeds kheer to Kinjal and asks if she informed her mother/Rakhi. Kinjal says she knows what happened last time. Anu says its between her and Rakhi, but Kinjal as a daughter should have a cordial relationship with her mother. Kinjal says her mother is a drama queen. Anu gives a lengthy moral gyaan regarding maika/mother’s place and mother.

Meenu brings a gift box for Baa and says someone left it for her. Baa excitedly opens it asking who must have sent it and shouts in fear seeing a fake snake. Samar says its fake. Mamaji says it has bindi, means its nagin. Baa says nagin means Rakhi Dave. They all hear music outside and walk out to see Rahki dancing in style.

Precap: Rakhi asks Kinjal to accompany her as she wants her grandson to be born in a palace and not in a lower-middle class house.

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