Anupama 3rd April 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj’s Unjustified Request

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Anupama 3rd April 2023 Written Episode

Anupama gets anxious when Kanta doesn’t pick phone and asks Bhavesh to try from his phone. Bhavesh says she is unnecessarily getting worried. Anupama says Anuj is already upset and Kanta may worsen the issue. Kanta asks Anuj if his 26-year-old love for Anupama vanished so easily. Anuj says he still loves Anupama immensely. Maaya feels aback hearing that. Anuj says he is burning from inside and wandering everywhere and didn’t want to leave Anupama. Kanta asks why did he come here then. Anuj says he equally loves Little Anu and can’t live without her. Kanta asks if he can live without Anupama, he could have brought Anupama with him, but he left her alone and came here, what mistake did Anupama do. Anuj says Anupama can never do any mistake, he is punishing himelf instead. He justifies his act saying he had a happy family with Anupama and his daughter, his daughter was taken away and Anupama didn’t try to stop her at all, its Anupama’s mistake that she didn’t pay attention to his daughter due to her issues, he broke down seeing that, etc.

Kanta says he can set things right again before its too late. Anuj says he sees countless cracks between their relationship like cracks on a water glass, he can see only cracks and nothing else, he doesn’t know what he should tell Anupama if he returns. Kanta breaks glass and asks what does he mean, he loves Anupama but doesn’t want to return back to her, what he wants. Anuj anxiously say she wants Anupama’s happiness and asks her to take her out of a slump of happiness, they can’t refix this relationship at any cost, he wants to stay with his daughter now. Kanta asks if he took a decision to leave Anupama evena after knowing that she can’t live without him. Anuj asks her to tell Anupama not to have fake hope that he will return to her.

Anupama anxiously prays god to help her mother bring back Anuj. Bhavesh asks her calm down. Anupama asks if maa will bring Anuj and Little Anu back and continues to show his anxiouness. Anuj tells Kanta that he doesn’t want Anupama to die slowly each day waiting for him, he is not a person whom Anupama loved as there is only emptiness left in his life, so she should tell Anupama that his chapter has entered in her life and she should start a new chapter, and when she starts living again, he will forgive himself. He pleads her to teach Anupama to live without him.

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