Anupama 31st March 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Stern Decision Irks Baa

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Anupama 31st March 2022 Written Episode

Anupama says she is tired of hearing that a grandmother/daadi cannot marry. Vanraj says society will not accept it. Anupama asks who is this society, a few-member committee or colony people or family; they are all family and if they change and move ahead, even society will move ahead; even she is part of the society and is moving head and when she is moving ahead, even society will. She announces that she will marry for sure. Bapuji, Samar, Kinjal, and Mamaji feel proud of her and clap for her. Anu says she is not devi of sacrifice, greatness, or anything; when Toshu was calling her characterless and Pakhi was feeling ashamed of her, nobody remembered that she is a devi, and when she is thinking of her happiness, everyone remembered that she is a devi; she is just a human, a mother, a daughter, and will become a wife soon; she will marry for sure.

Baa shouts Anupama. Anu says not today as the limit of her patience has crossed through her head. She announces she will marry in a lavish way with haldi, mehandi and other rituals and even dance; whoever loves her will definitely attend her wedding and whoever don’t want to can bless or curse her from here itself, it doesn’t matter to her as she knows she is right; she always followed her duty and will follow her love from hereon; she suffered pain for 26 years and Anuj waited for 26 years, now they will unite at last. She says she is inviting them all and would feel good if they attend her wedding and if they don’t, she will send them sweets. Baa and Vanraj stand frowning. Anu asks them not to be surprised as patience breaks down over time.

Vanraj shouts nobody is forcing her to stay here as she herself came here to take care of Kinjal. Samar reminds him that he insisted Anu to stay here. Vanraj asks him to tell her to go now, she always plays a victim card, they were talking about her and she is generalizing things, singing mother’s greatness and women issues repeatedly. Anu taunts its okay if a man raises his hand and hurts if woman even raises her voice. Vanraj shouts at her to stop her rubbish, get out of his and do whatever she wants to but after breaking up completely with his family. She challenges that she will sacrifice her life but not her relationships. Vanraj shouts at her again to get out.

Bapuji says Anupama will go out of this house only after her father sends her in a doli/palanquin; Anupama is right that societal opinion doesn’t matter to her or her father; he was an failed father-in-law, but a father will fulfill his duty and send his daughter in a palanquin. He says he will perform his daughter’s marriage with all the rituals and will see her off with pride. Vanraj asks why should they bear the humiliation, let her marry somewhere else. Baa tells Bapuji he cannot do this to them. Bapuji says she did injustice to Anupama till now and she is free to leave this house. Mamaji jokes that he will drop didi to Jamnagar and return to attend the marriage. Bapuji says wedding invitation is for everyone and whoever doesn’t want to attend can go to hell.

He holds Anu’s hand and takes her to home temple and performs pooja by playing a shank. Jeete Hain Chal. song plays in the background. He then says his mother used to play shank before starting anything auspicious and had taken promise from him to take care of Anupama, so this old man will face all the problems like a mountain. He gives shagun to Anupama and says he established god in a wedding house and will not spare anyone who will try to create problems. Anu cries happily and takes his blessings. Kinjal thanks Kanhaji. Mamaji asks if Kanhaji is from bride or groom’s side. Samar says from both and goes to get sweets.

Anuj heads towards home after finishing his business meetings and waits for Anupama’s call. Back at Shah house, Bapuji taunts Baaa if she will not dance now to celebrating Anupama’s wedding as she dances for everything. Baa bangs the plate and curses Anu that she will never be happy and there would be problems in her wedding, etc. and her curse will surely bring storm in Anu’s life. Kavya, Rakhi, Pakhi, and Toshu devlier their hatred dialogues and walk away. Vanraj walks away angrily staring at Anupama. Back in cab, driver asks Anuj to talk to him to keep him awake. Anuj shares his excitement for his wedding. Anu breaks down recalling Baa’s curse and says her mother cursed her, etc. Samar, Kinjal, Bapuji, and Mamaji and Samar console her.

Precap: Baa tells her team that whether Bapuji’s blessings will hit Anupama or not, her curse definitely will. Mamaji tells her that he will curse her. Bapuji says he made a sin by bringing her in this house and will clear his sin after getting her out of it.

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