Anupama 31st July 2021 Written Episode Update: Rakhi insults the Shah’s

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Anupama 31st July 2021 Written Episode

Kavya receives a call, informing her that she is short-listed for a job. She rudely says that she will only do job if they match salary with her previous job. Otherwise they shouldn’t call her again. Baa and Bapuji hear her conversation. Bapuji explains importance of work to her and says she should accept now and if she does good work, then she will get a raise. She says that she knows her qualification well. She can’t work for such a low pay. She will easily get a new job. Baa says that Vanraj was saying the same. Kavya tells them not to counsel her about her career when they don’t know anything about it. Bapuji says that she can say no, but try to say it a way so other person doesn’t feel bad. Baa, Bapuji leave.

Vanraj comes home. Kavya calls him, but he goes straight to his room. Anupama walks in. Kavya sees that she’s tensed too. She goes to talk to Vanraj, but he doesn’t respond.

Everyone is at dining table for dinner. Baa asks Kinjal that Toshu is coming late every day? Before Kinjal could say anything, Samar says he’s working on a new branch. During conversation, Mamaji asks Bapuji why he didn’t come to café. Bapuji says he went to pay bill. Vanraj and Anupama pause for a second. Baa asks Kavya didn’t come? Kinjal says she must be coming. Kavya is checking Vanraj’s laptop, but she can’t find anything. She wonders what happened. It must not be a fight, else Vanraj must have been angry and Anupama would be behaving normal.

Samar asks Pakhi to pass daal, but she doesn’t and they start fighting. Toshu comes. Mamaji says that it’s good he came when Baa is not there, else she would have scolded him. Bapuji notices Vanraj is tensed and asks what happened. He says nothing. Kinjal says something happened for sure. Anupama is also tensed. Kavya comes saying she will tell what happened. She doesn’t know why they are hiding such a big matter. They didn’t tell her, but she found it herself. She is holding some paper. Vanraj requests her not to start drama. She says that she is not starting any drama, but soon they all will become a joke. Anupama also requests Kavya not to tell anything. Family asks why they are not letting her tell. Vanraj says it’s a small business matter. Kavya asks 20 lakh is a small deal? Mamaji gets excited asking they have to take that amount? Kavya says they have to give – they have to pay factory’s property tax and that too within a month. She asks Bapuji how he can forget paying property tax. Government asked to pay all property tax till now, else they will seal the factory. She asks Vanraj what’s his plan now? If café and dance class shut down, then how will they survive? She further says that they all will have to pay for Bapuji’s mistake. How can he be so careless? She calls him a tax-thief as well. Vanraj shouts at Kavya saying how dare her to talk to his father like that. She says fine, she won’t say anything to him, but what about the bill? How will they pay it? She asks Anupama. Even Anupama has no answer. Kinjal says that she can try applying for a personal loan, but that big amount is doubtful even for her. Mamaji offers help saying he possibly might have something on his name. He doesn’t remember, but Baa might know. Bapuji says there is nothing. Mamaji cries. Bapuji gets pain in heart. Samar makes him sit. Bapuji says that he didn’t know about it and says sorry. Kavya says, a sorry wouldn’t do anything. She asks Vanraj from where they will bring the money. Rakhi enters saying that she will give.

Rakhi tells them that it’s better to take from her than going outside and begging others. She taunts family members. She tells Anupama to go to tax department and cry there and give lecture as that’s all she can do. Kinjal tells Rakhi to leave. Rakhi continues insulting Anupama and others. She says she’s offering help and they are shouting at her. Vanraj says that she didn’t come to give help, she came to insult them. Kinjal tells her that they don’t want help from her and asks her again to leave. Rakhi asks why middle class people ego is so big. Samar says it’s not ego, it’s self-respect. Rakhi laughs. She then tells Bapuji what a gift he gave to his family. Kinjal now raises her voice telling Rakhi that she cannot insult elders in her home. Rakhi doesn’t spare Kavya either. Vanraj asks Rakhi to get out. Kavya tells Vanraj if he kicks her out, then how will they get money? Vanraj says no one needs to worry, “they” will take loan. Rakhi says, meaning him and his ex-wife. Vanraj says, friends. Rakhi asks why they “friends” will pay the tax together? Vanraj says because they are both using the factory. Kavya says when place is Anupama’s, when she is taking rent, then why he has to pay tax? She tells him to let Anupama handle this and concentrate on his future. He says this café is his future. He and Anupama will give the money. She asks how? He says that he and Anupama will think about. She gets annoyed and asks why he has to do everything with Anupama. Rakhi tells her to keep her insecure-wife drama for later.

Rakhi asks Vanraj which bank will give them loan? There is only one bank that can give loan to them and it’s her. They’ll have to get in her feet in end. Anupama says that she will come, if needed. All dreams in that house depend on that café and dance class. If she needs to bend down for that, then she will even do that. For children, a mother can sacrifice her self-respect as well when time comes, but right now it’s not that time.

Precap: Pakhi asks Kavya whether they can do practice. She tells Pakhi to practice on her own. Anupama hears it. Later, Samar asks Anupama why she’s worrying about Pakhi’s event. Anupama says because she’s her mother. Pakhi is practicing. Nandini comes. Pakhi says that Anupama couldn’t come, so she sent her? Kinjal tells Pakhi that Nandini is elder to her and she cannot talk to elders like that. Pakhi says, oh my god, there are so many Anupama’s clones in that home.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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