Anupama 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj Kicks Pakhi Out of Shah House

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Anupama 30th October 2022 Written Episode

Anuj becomes angry at Adhik and says that he failed all of them. He says they gave him chance even after what he did and promised him to convince Vanraj for his and Pakhi’s marriage. Adhik said he did.. Anuj tells him to stop. Kavya tongue lashes Pakhi that she was mannerless, fool, and selfish from the beginning, but showed showed her shameless behavior; why didn’t she think about her family before marrying; people evolve in love, but she stooped so low. Samar says if she had a bit of conscience, she wouldn’t have done that. Ankush says both Pakhi and Adhik don’t have conscience, Anupama is right that its a instant noodles era and youngsters take instant decisions. Anupama says they both were impatient and couldn’t wait for a day. Leela asks if they could have been married if they hadn’t married for a day.

Kavya asks if they thought what would they do if their families dont’ accept their marriage. Pakhi asks why wouldn’t they accept it as they have proper video evidence. Kavya asks what if their families don’t let them inside their house, where will they stay. Anuj apologizes to Adhik for not informing their families and waiting for them to make their decision. Their love is real. Pakhi claims that their intentions were right. Leela questions where they would have gone if there was no shelter. They seem to be asking everyone as if they want to favor everyone. Adhik said they were afraid of elders separating them so they made this decision for their safety. Hasmukh claims they have a bodyguard to protect their safety and that they do not use this. Samar claims they came home to their selfishness, not their families.

Adhik insists that it’s not like this. He said that Anuj was a friend and philosopher, guide, father figure, and he should be able to understand their love. However, he was afraid, so he took the extreme step. Pakhi informs Anuj that even though he loved Anupama, he should have understood their love. Adhik says what would he have done if someone wants to snatch his love, he broke people’s bones, but they just married. Pakhi walks to Vanraj next and says everyone does mistake, even she did; when he can forgive Toshu for his mistake and his father forgive him, why can’t he forgive her. Vanraj is unable to move. Pakhi states that she loves her family. Vanraj should fulfill all of her wishes. Vanraj departs there.

Ankush asks Adhik if he had waited one day. Anupama says they don’t know about the dire consequences they would face for their wrong decision. Vanraj steps into his room, exhaling as he recalls Adhik and Pakhi in garland. Leela, others continue to tongue lash Pakhi. Kaya is asked to check on Vanraj by Hasmukh. Kavya says she can’t as Vanraj is in a different zone now. Anuj has headaches and Anupama asks for pain relief. Anupama gives Leela painkillers and Anuj is given medication. Ankush assures Anupama he will take Barkha home to discuss the matter. Leela wants someone to check up on Vanraj. Anuj says Anupama should go and check on Vanraj as they both are Pakhi’s parents. Anupama takes Kavya along.

Vanraj panics and packs Pakhi’s stuff in suitcases recalling how Pakhi insisted him to buy each stuff. Kavya and Anupama try to calm him. Vanraj says his daughter didn’t have her doll’s marriage without her father and now she herself married without her father. He carries Pakhi’s bags and throws them out of the house, leaving everyone in shock. Leela questions why he is creating drama. Vanrfaj said that a dramatist cannot create drama. He says he heard daughter is a Laxmi and god’s gift, but he realized today that every daughter is not like that, especially his daughter. Adhik stands outside. Vanraj recalls his love for Pakhi and says he is a father and hence wouldn’t curse her but wouldn’t bless her also, a daughter cannot stay in her maika after marriage, Pakhi’s stuff and husband are outside and even she should go.

Precap: Anuj questions Adhik and Pakhi if they can be part of their happiness. Pakhi asks Adhik whether they made any mistakes by getting married. Adhik assures them that Anuj will be there for them. Anuj tells Vanraj and Anupma that they are Pakhi’s parents and hence should take a decision. Vanraj says if Pakhi and Adhik won’t change their decision, even he wouldn’t.

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