Anupama 30th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Kanta Blames Shahs For Ruining Anupama’s Life

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Anupama 30th March 2023 Written Episode

Maaya asks Anuj to have some juice. Anuj asks where is Little Anu, she hasn’t had anything. Maaya asks him to have something first and rest. Anuj says he came to meet Choti and asks Maaya to call Little Anu. Little Anu walks to him and asks what happened to him. Maaya says her papa is unwell and can’t even stand up properly, but wants to go. Little Anu says she will take care of papa and feeds him sandwich and juice. Tu Jo Mila Lo Gogaya Mai Qabil… song plays in the background. Little Anu then makes Anuj sleep on a sofa. At Shah house, Pakhi describes family what Barkha did. Kavya says she already had a doubt on Barkha and Ankush. Kinjal says someone has to run a company. Vanraj says they both are trying to takeover the company. Pakhi says not 2 but 3. Leela asks who is that third one. Pakhi says they will not believe. Adhik enters and says she can talk without spicing it up, he is that third person. He says Anuj before leaving gave Kapadia emprire’s responsibility to Anupama and Ankush, and since Anupama is missing, Ankush has to manage everything alone and hence he wants to help Ankush which is not wrong; they should keep emotions aside and think practically, there are 1000 people involved with the company and they would be on road if the company is closed.

Pakhi says he and his sister are oversmart. Adhik says she is immature and can’t understand a simple thing. Pakhi says its not simple, whatever they are doing is not cool. Adhik says he came to explain her, but its waste. She walks away cooly. Pakhi shouts go and stay with his sister and BIL. Kavya stops Pakhi. Samar says Anuj and Anupama are still missing, they got a new tension above that. Leela as usual blames Anupama and says she should have come home with Vanraj instead of wandering around. Kanta enters and says her daughter is not alone and is not wandering around, she is with her at her home. Maaya notices Anuj asleep and touches his forehead. She thinks Little Anu’s love dragged him here to her; a 26-year-old love lost over a daughter’s love; Anuj’s differences with Anupama brought him to her; she left him on his insistence and came here, but her love is so strong that it brought him to her; fate brought him to her, so she will not let him go back to Anupama ever and will make him hers for sure. Anupama in sleeps calls Anuj. Maaya says she will not let Anuj go anywhere.

Leela asks Kanta if Anupama is with her, she should have brought her here. Kanta says Anupama will be with her. Leela says she should have informed that over phone. Kanta says she came to inform them to dare not think of calling Anupama there. Leela says they are worried for Anupama. Kanta says they are not worried for Anupama but need her. Leela says if she lost her manners that she is venting out her frustration on them. Kanta says Anupama’s house broke because of Leela. Leela asks what did they do. Kanta says Leela can’t do anything, not even prepare khichdi for herself, a brick in her lawn works more than her, she can’t handle her children and household, they all remember Anupama more than they remember god, they interfered between her daughter and son-in-law with all their problem. Pakhi asks her not to say that as they are also worried for Anupama. Kanta says if they so much worried for Anupama, why didn’t they let her live peacefully; Toshu and Pakhi blabber mummy always more than a toddler; Vanraj doesn’t even know when he would turn his side; its waste to talk to Hasmukh as he just has high thinking, but doesn’t do anything; only Samar was worried for his mother.

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Leela yells that a child will remember only is mother. Kanta says what about children’s grandmother, she needed Anupama more than them and drowned Anupama with her responsibilities; its Anupama’s weakness that she didn’t stop respecting Leela even after leaving her house, but an elder like Leela cursed Anupama, verbally abused her, and emotionally blackmailed her with her tears. She asks if she is sane to reach Anupama’s house when her great granddaughter fell ill. Vanraj says she can’t misbehave with his mother. Kanta asks if his mother can misbehave with elders and ruin other’s family life. She warns him to dare not interfere between elders. She says she taught Anupama to respect elders and should have also taught her that some elders don’t deserve respect; if her daughter knew that, she would have been with her husband now; hope her daughter would have shut her door on Leela’s face and not chanted Leela’s mantra.

Leela says she her silence doesn’t mean she can’t speak, Anupama didn’t do any favor on them, shame on Anupama if she doesn’t help her granddaughter. Kanta says shame on Leela if she doesn’t help her grandchildren; Leela calls Anupama for every silly reason and ruined her life. She then tells Hasmukh that she can’t blame him as she also is responsible for Anupama’s condition for teaching her not to fight for herself, not to say no for anything; they misused her goodness and ruined her life again. Toshu says they all know their mistake and hence Vanraj went to bring Anupama home, but she refused. Kanta asks if she should have come to this house. Leela asks if they asked Anuj to leave Anupama. Kanta says they all forced Anuj to do that. She warns them to stop troubling his daughter again and dare not dump her problems on her; they didn’t let Anupama live peacefully and now should learn to live without her. Kanta leaves after showing a mirror to Shahs.

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Anuj imagines Anupama walking to him. Kaise Kahoon Bina Tere Zindagi Ye Kya Hogi.. song plays in the background. Anupama comforts him and makes him sleep on his lap. Anuj asks where had she gone, she knows he can’t live without her, then why did she go away from him. Anupama says she never went away from him. Anuj asks if she will never go away from him, get angry him, or leave him even if he leaves her. Anupama says no and promises him. Anuj wakes up and realizes it was his imagination. Little Anu asks how is he feeling now. He says he is feeling good. Little Anu says let us go home to meet mummy. Anuj says soon they will go to meet mummy and then they all 3 will live happily. Maaya gets tensed hearing that.

Precap: Kanta reaches Maaya’s house to meet Anupama. Anupama eagerly hopes that Kanta brings Anuj back. Anuj asks Kanta to tell Anupama that his chapter is closed in her life.

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