Anupama 30th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Promise To Kinjal

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Anupama 30th June 2021 Written Episode

Anupama warns Rakhi that she was quiet till now as a mother was speaking, she can understand how Rakhi is feeling hearing about Kinjal’s troubles, but nobody did it intentionally and it was situational instead. She promises that it will not be repeated and Kinjal won’t face any problem, she will take good care of her daughter. Rakhi laughs and says if she had considered Kinjal as her daughter, Kinjal wouldn’t have been in this condition. Baa says nothing happened to Kinjal and what is wrong if they gave her some work, Anu’s mother is ill and Jhilmil is on leave, whole family is helping each other, what is wrong if Kinjal also helps. Although she agrees she made a mistake in scolding Kinjal she doesn’t think it is wrong to do so as an elder. Rakhi shouts that if Rakhi had told her, she would’ve sent 10 servants. Baa says she didn’t know that there would be so much issue if she asked Kinjal to do a few chores. Kinjal insists that it is not a matter of work, but a matter of comparison. Rakhi said she should be thankful for a well-educated and capable bahu to prepare the rotis. Baa questions Rakhi about the dangers of preparing rotis. Rakhi says that household chores are not for working women and that there is a maid. Baa asks what if maid takes leaves, if working woman’s children should starve; nobody becomes a servant by preparing rotis, she realized that its wrong if a MIL considers her DIL’s work as small and even they should understand that we are not beggars to save servant’s salary, there is problem as Jhimil is on leave.

Samar backs Baa and says she is right, even he peels vegetables and cleans furniture and he is proud of himself, he feels everyone should help in household chores; he tells Kinjal that nobody forced her work, so she shouldn’t have created an issue. Pakhi states that she never asked her to make coffee. In fact, Bapuji assisted her once. She demands Kinjal speak. Rakhi yells that Rakhi is not mannerly and shouts to Anu to stop attacking her daughter. Samar says that she has crossed her boundaries. Anu demands that he stop. Vanraj believes Samar is correct. Kavya requests him not to interfere. He requests her to stop talking. Baa claims that all the problems are due to maide ki Katori, who started this fire. Rakhi claims that fire can only be started internally and can’t be increased externally. Toshu is curious what she is talking about. Rakhi says she is speaking better than him and not hiding behind his mother’s pallu. Kinjal requests him not to interfere. Vanraj asks why shouldn’t he interfere as he stays in the same house. Kavya claims that this would not have happened if Anu hadn’t sent the maid out. Baa claims she brought an arrogant maid, so it was easy to kick Kinjal out. Nobody forced Kinjal into a sword point. Kinjal says she doesn’t have problem working but problem with comparison. Rakhi shouts yet again that they are all targeting Kinjal’s daughter. Pakhi questions Kinjal about her mother’s behavior. Kinjal tells her to stop interfering. Samar and Kavya ask that everyone shut up, and stop speaking incessantly without letting anyone else speak.

Argumentation continues. Rakhi shouts at her daughter that she shouldn’t be working in the kitchen. Baa then scolds her, saying that comparing her to Anu is wrong and that Kinjal is being attacked by everyone at once is wrong. Anu requests her to stop, as Baa and Kinjal, along with everyone else, are wrong. Rakhi feels her drama of greatness is starting again. Anu says everyone feel others are wrong, but getting adamant is wrong, not understanding other’s view is wrong, exaggerating the issue is wrong; differences happen in family; each family member’s view is different and family needs both elders and youngsters and they should walk holding each other’s hand to move ahead in life; so she wants this issue to end here right now. She asks Kinjal to forget whatever happened today and concentrate on office work as she will handle whole house, she will keep her promise made to her on the first day, nobody will disturb her, she just should remember that she shouldn’t argue with elders. She apologizes for the incident and promises to not make her another Anupama. She walks into her bedroom and reminisces about the incidents that occurred today.

Vanraj returns to his room fuming on Rakhi’s drama and scolds Kavya that she should have helped Kinjal instead of setting fire, she is a bahu now and not a guest anymore. Kavya says he is shouting at her like he used to on Anu, his family hasn’t considered her as their bahu yet and will not accept whatever she does. He questions her if she is going to work. She responds that she will when she has the time, but for now she is too busy with her office project. He insists that she only cares about herself and her work. She wonders why he constantly taunts them. He says that he isn’t expecting anything from her. But Anupama will fix everything. She shouts that Anu always finds a way to praise her. He claims he loves to praise her. He blames her for everything, she says. he says it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t wash utensils, but she shouldn’t strike them. She thinks he will blame her even for global warning and sirks thinking seeing Kinjal’s changed behavior, Anu must be in shock.

Baa asks Anu not to wake up at 4 a.m. and prepare tiffin for Kinjal as Kinjal argued with her; she knows she is wrong, but she never argued with her MIL once; Kinjal shouldn’t have called her mother. Anu claims Kinjal committed wrongdoing, but they as elders should forgive her, just like their daughter Pakhi for arguing with them. Baa claims her days were manual, where she worked hard. But with automation, things became easier and there was a greater distance. Kinjal made a mistake by including her mother. Anu says Kinjal will never do that, she doesn’t know who did that, Kinjal is very sensitive girl and will understand soon. She says even Baa got adamant, she shouldn’t have made an issue if Kinjal cooked rice in microwave instead of cooker. Baa says even Bapuji said same. Anu recalls how she used to hate chowmein and now enjoys it. Baa believes that changes must come from both sides, not just one. Anu believes she must resolve the differences between Baa & Kinjal.

Precap: Anu returns home and Baa informs that Kinjal didn’t return home yet. Kinjal and Kavya return home late after having a good time. Anu tells everyone that they are all hungry, and she will be there. She walks away saying she didn’t ask them to be hungry. Kavya is told by Anu that she can share her love, but she will not accept if she tries snatching her children.

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