Anupama 30th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Anuj Confronts Dimpy for Her Ungrateful And Ultra-selfish Behavior

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Anupama 30th July 2023 Written Episode

Leela says her knee pain has started again and is not subsiding even after Adhik sprayed a pain killer. Anupama relaxes and says she frightened her. Toshu asks them to come to the dance floor soon. CA announces Anupama’s solo performance. Anuj says dance session is over. CA says mummy is a good dancer and her solo performance is necessary. Kavya asks Anupama to forget her worries for some time and perform. Hasmukh says she should forget for some time that she is a student and perform. Anupama agrees and dances on Sohlasingar Karke Godibharayi Me… song. Everyone join her and dance around Kavya. Anupama notices Kavya tensed and asks what happened? Kavya says she is feeling weak. Anupama makes her sit. Leela asks Pakhi to bring juice for Kavya. Anupama gives juice to Kavya and asks her the real reason for her tension. Kavya says her baby..

Kinjal returns home and greets everyone. She says she somehow managed work and rushed here. Vanraj says her entry doubled their happiness. Dimpy comments that Kinjal works in her mother’s company, but acts as if she does all the work; she just wants to prove her importance. Anuj calls Dimpy outside the house and says he considers her as his family’s daughter; since a few days, he is seeing her misbehavior towards Anupama and he will not tolerate it. Dimpy rudely says she knew it’s always about Anupama be at Shah house or Kapadia house. Anuj warns her to stop her misbehavior and remembers what Anupama did for her, but Dimpy is utterly ungrateful; she shouldn’t forget that she is at Kapadia and Shah house just because of Anupama; her husband is a full-grown man, but has become a wife’s puppet and is going against his mother; their decision of joining MD is wrong and Anupama has to pay the most for it.

Dimpy yells that all elders think Anupama is great and youngsters should follow her blindly; they have their own brain and will not blindly follow Anuj and Anupama; it’s not their problem if Anupama has a rift with MD, they are just focusing on their career. Anuj says she is pride of a dance academy which is given by Anupama, Dimpy is here because of Anupama. Anupama hears their conversation. Dimpy rudely spills venom against Anupama again. Anuj says it’s their mistake to help a helpless girl thinking she will move on in her life forgetting her past, but they didn’t know she is so ungrateful and ultra-selfish. Dimpy says they all consider her as wrong, but never say anything when Kinjal does wrong. Anuj asks what wrong did Kinjal do. Dimpy say she doesn’t remember it now. She says they all think she is wrong as she is honest, being honest is the really bad and diplomatic is really good, Samar became bad when he took a stand for himself; it’s okay if Anupama works for MD and wrong if they do same.

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