Anupama 30th August 2021 Written Episode Update: A Good News For Shahs

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Anupama 30th August 2021 Written Episode

Vanraj angrily walks towards Baa’s room murmuring that his Baa had right on this house before Anupama and she mortgaged it. Bapuji stops him. Vanraj says let him speak to Baa. Bapuji says he needed not worry as he will handle Leela/Baa. Vanraj says at least now he should support his wife. Bapuji says he always supported his wife, Vanraj learnt leaving his wife’s hand from somewhere else and not from him; he is not taunting, but truth is truth; Leela has accepted her the way he is and never lessened her love for him for any mistake; he loves his wife a lot and doesn’t do what she wants for the same reason and does what is right for him. Vanraj asks if he thinks they should support Anupama even this time. Bapuji says yes, this house is his heart and he is most pained by mortgaging it; they need to take tough decisions sometimes; everyone insulted Anu, but if she had not brought money, Karkhana would have been closed and his cafe and academy would have shut; Vanraj will exaggerate the issue if he speaks to Baa. Vanraj thinks all bad grahas/planets are in his kundali now.

Bapuji tries to console Baa. Baa cries that she is this house’s bahu before Anu, but Anu mortgaged it to Rakhi without her permission; she used to scold nagin/Rakhi and threatened to slap her, but Rakhi slapped her soul and humiliated; everyone take decisions in this house without informing her, he and Anu took decisions without informing her; they both brought Rakhi on her head; if Anu would have mortgaged her mother’s house, they both brought problems on her. Bapuji says sometimes they need to take tough decisions. Baa says they both will solve this problem, and if her son becomes homeless or house goes to nagin, he will see her dead face.

Anu tells Samar and Nandini that she needs to return Rakhi’s money somehow with her hard work and discusses about each option. Samar says she can not overstress her body as even clock stops after sometime. Samar says they will find some way out. Anu says she needs to save Karkhana at any cost. Anu then walks into Vanraj’s cafe. A courier boy delivers a letter for Mr Hashmukh Shah. Vanraj reads it and informs that a company wants to build a 5 star hotel and school around karkhana and bought the surrounding land. Anu gets nervous and asks what if they deny to sell their karkhana. Vanraj says fool will deny their offer. She asks how much. He says 5 crores and crosschecks it. She says how can anyone wants to buy without seeing the place, if he is a fraud, who is he. Vanraj says some Anuj Kapadia. They both return home and inform family about the offer. Baa asks who is Anuj Kapadia. Vanraj says he has checked Anuj’s background, he is a reputed businessman; they will never get such a good offer again and tries to convince Bapuji. Samar says karkhana is auspicious for Bapuji. Vanraj says he is not a fool like Anupama and nobody can fool him. Baa says karkhana is auspicious for them, but they need to get rid off the problem Anu barged on them. Bapuji asks Samar to call Anu. Vanraj adamantly says he doesn’t want Anu involved and will not listen to Bapuji. Bapuji asks then why did he ask him. Vanraj says for his blessings. Bapuji says blessings are requested and not snatched, this karkhana is his bapuji’s gift and looking at the situation, selling it is the best option for them. Vanraj excitedly says he will finish legal formalities with his lawyer and will meet Anuj Kapadia tomorrow.

Kavya happily hugs Vanraj and says if the deal is finalized, all their problems will be solved. Vanraj says he will repay Rakhi’s loan, buy his own cafe, invest some amount for his children, etc. Kavya says she will open a startup and will change her lifestyle, etc. He nods yes. She says she will accompany him to meet Anu Kapadia. He nods yes again. Samar walks to Nandini. Nandini remembers him scolding for picking her phone call and apologizes for snapping him. He says he knows it was not an online shopping call and if she is in any trouble, she should inform him and mummy. She says she will go home now and will call him after sometime. He says LOL. She replies and walks away tensed. Samar thinks mummy and Nandini are his life’s most important persons and requests god to solve their problems and keep them happy.

Baa asks Bapuji if he is sad that he will lose Karkhana. Bapuji says he never valued sand and stone and whatever he does is for his children. She asks then why he looks sad. He gives example that they send children abroad away from them for higher studies hoping their life will change, he used to help his Bapuji in karkhana and is ready to move on in life, he is not sad that he is losing karkhana as it is helping his children. Baa says even then one gets sad losing their most valued thing. Samar sees Anu crying seeing Baa and Bapuji sad and tries to console her. Anu says she is not sad because of losing karkhana but because she made her Baa and Bapuji cry.

Precap: Kavya gives 20 lakhs cheque to Rakhi and throws away her nameplate. Vanraj says she should have given the cheque tomorrow. Kavya says she doesn’t want to delay to kick Rakhi out of their house. Rakhi warns that she will not spare them if the cheque bounces even by mistake. Kavya and Vanraj reach Kapadia’s office where Kapadia leaves them a message without meeting them.

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