Anupama 2nd November 2022 Written Episode Update: Barkha Unleashes Her Fury On Adhik And Pakhi

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Anupama 2nd November 2022 Written Episode

Anupama, Anuj and Pakhi return home with Adhik & Pakhi. Barkha is panicked to see Adhik, Pakhi and their wedding and breaks vase. Adhik shouts at her how stupid he is. Anuj takes Little Anu to her bedroom. Barkha screams at Anuj, how dare they come together. Anuj suggests that we go in and have a conversation. Barkha assures them that they will speak in the same place. Ankush requests him to stop creating drama. Barkha claims that a drama has already been created. People are gossiping about her brother’s elopement and marriage. Vanraj kicked them out. Adhik apologizes. Barkha suggests that they make a note of their words and say that their marriage will end in a year. Pakhi will also be crying every day. Anupama interferes. Barkha insists that she is telling the truth. Adhik holds a vested stake in this marriage. Adhik shouts to stop it. Barkha says that a boy who wanders with a different girl every day is not loyal. Adhik said that this was his history and Pakhi is his future. Barkha claims that someone else would be the future.

Barkha adds that Adhik was bought up by her like a son. If he is not loyal to her, he will never be loyal towards Pakhi. She tells Adhik to leave Kapadia house. Anupama says she and Anuj brought them in here taking up their responsibility; we can’t leave them on road, so they will stay at Kapadia house. Anuj suggests that we go in for the moment, just for God’s sake. Ankush and Barkha enter. Anuj warns Adhik and Pakhhi that they shouldn’t forget that they got shelter but not forgivance, so they shouldn’t show their attitude in his house as Barkha’s anger is valid. Barkha asks them to at least try to receive blessings.

Adhik and Barkha move into the house. Barkha shouts “No!” Adhik hugs Barkha and says he didn’t have any other option than marrying Pakhi. Barkha says she doesn’t need his justification. Anuj says Barkha’s anger is valid, but she should calm down and bless newly wed couple. Barkha insists that she will never bless them. Pakhi tells her that she will never curse them. However, she has blindly trusted Adhik and will lose her trust in Adhik one day. Within six months she will realize she made a huge mistake by marrying Adhik. Adhik pleads for Adhik to stop. Barkha shouts, “Stop it!” Ankush asks her not to break her brother’s house. Barkha challenges Barkha to prove that they will not be married on their first anniversary.

Anuj requests Adhik to bring Pakhi to his bedroom. He says time will punish them for their mistake, parents cannot curse them; he says they should prove Barkha wrong by continuing their marriage for long; they tried to win over their family and see them defeated, but family should be won with love; they lost one family and at least try to regain other family’s trust. They both touch Anupama’s feet. Anupama prays to god for a better conscience. Barkha breaks down saying she took care of her brother like her own son and always kept him with her, but today he married her without informing her; her brother always used to support her, but today he went against her for Pakhi; she had so many dreams for Adhik’s marriage, but he ruined them all.

Anupama says elders showed their elderness, Anuj took their responsibility, so they should respect Anuj’s decision. She says if parents select alliance and if any problem arises, they would be blamed, but in Adhik and Pakhi’s case, they themselves should be blamed. She then gives a lengthy speech about the importance of things and how they fixed broken things rather than replacing them. She states that there will be problems in their marriage and they should resolve them amicably. Adhik and Pakhi have made a promise to Anuj and Anupama that they will be responsible. Pakhi apologizes Anupama. Anupama states that Pakhi’s forgiveness is not essential right now. They should make a decision about what they want to do. She tells Anuj that he brought them here on Hasmukh’s request and he should take care of them. She walks to her room and feels anxious recalling today’s events.

Precap: Anupama informs Anuj about Pakhi’s marriage without understanding the responsibilities. She fears for her safety if Pakhi doesn’t fulfill her responsibilities. Barkha tells Ankush that Adhik just uses and dumps girls, they will see Adhik’s true face once his honeymoon period ends.

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