Anupama 2nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavya To Reveal Maaya’s Truth To Anupama?

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Anupama 2nd March 2023 Written Episode

Kavya returns home. Leela yells if she is not ashamed to roam around with her ex-husband and humiliate them in the society. Kavya says Leela didn’t have any problem when she was roaming with Vanraj, just like Vanraj was even Ariudh is her friend. Vanraj shouts at her to stop her nonsense, he knows she is doing all this to take revenge from him. Kavya walks to her room saying he can think whatever he wants to. Leela tells Vanraj that is why she had warned him to control Kavya. Hasmukh says they both should concentrate on maha shivratri pooja tomorrow as he doesn’t want any issue during pooja; he wants all couples perform pooja together and Vanraj perform abishek and maha pooja with his wife, so he will invite all and perform all the pooja rituals in a grand way.

Anupama feels good thinking she and Anuj will perform maha shivrati pooja together. Maaya smiles watching picnic photos on her tab. Anupama gets suspicious recalling her requesting Anuj not to inform Anupama about it and Kavya crying hugging her. Little Anu walks to her. Maaya calls her to watch picnic photos. Little Anu says one minute and asks Anupama when will Anuj come. Anupama says he is on the way home and even Barkha and Ankush are coming. Little Anu rejoices and asks what will they do on maha shivratri tomorrow. Anupama explains. Anuj with Ankush and Barkha returns home. Maaya shyingly looks at Anuj. Ankush notices that and thinks Anuj didn’t inform him anything, but surely its related to Maaya.

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