Anupama 2nd June 2023 Written Episode Update: Samar’s Wedding Day

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Anupama 2nd June 2023 Written Episode

Anuj manages house decoration for Samar and Dimpy’s wedding and tries to shift a flower prop. Ankush helps him and says when he can’t handle it alone, he should take his dear one’s help. Anuj says he will manage. Ankush says he is not talking about a good but him, he can understand what must have happened a month ago and hence he is worried for Anuj and Anupama, and asks if he is fine. Anuj says he is not fine but feels calm as he shared what was in his heart with Anupama and got relieved from the burden; he was feeling as if someone kept a heavy stone on his chest and pounding his head. He says living without Anupama is like dying for him, but when she is happy, even he is happy and manage somehow. He says an artist’s tragedy is when nobody notices his/her art, he wants everyone to praise Anupama’s talent so much that he has to perform her nazar each day. Ankush asks what about MaAn’s love story. Anuj says he comforts himself sayingg just like every letter doesn’t get it’s answer and every night doesn’t get it’s moon, every love story doesn’t have a happy ending; his love story is incomplete but his love is. Ankush says people say right that one whose name are together don’t stay together for ever like Radha Krishna, Anuj Anupama.

Shahs get ready for the wedding. Anupama asks Leela to help her in arrangements. Kavya drops a box and tries to pick it. Anupama stops her citing her pregnancy and helps her. They both laugh together. Haskukh asks Leela when will Kanta and Bhavesh come. Leela says she sent them to temple and they must be returning soon. She rudely asks Bhairavi to keep a flower basket aside and clean utensils in the kitchen. Bhairavi nods yes and leaves. Hasmukh asks her not to dump work on a kid as its her age of playing and not working. Anupama message gurumaa to attend her son’s weddding and bless him.

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