Anupama 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Rakhi Instigates Barkha Against Anupama

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Anupama 2nd July 2022 Written Episode

Rakhi instigatges Barkha against Anupama. She says she heard Kapadia empire is in Anupama’s name now, it looks weird that a devrani carries the house keys on her waist while jethani is present. Barkha asks how does it matter. Rakhi says it matters a lot to her and says Anupama comfortably speaks to and meets her ex-husband in front of her present husband. Barkha says Shahs are a loving people. Barkha says they are Gujrath’s biggest frauds and says Leela and Hasmukh look like an ideal couple, but once Leela kicked Hasmukh out of the house; they left Anupama for Kavya, but still now roam around Anupama. Barkha asks her not to badmouth about a woman being herself a woman. Rakhi then describes Vanraj and Malvika’s affair and Vanraj’s flings and says she doesn’t know what all happened with Anuj’s entry in Shah house and Anuapam’s angry avatar, etc., and says she just wanted to alert her.

Barkha says issues happen in every family. Rakhi says she already burnt her hands and hence Barkha should be careful, Anupama needs everything in her kitty from whole Shah family to whole Kapadias and everyone around her. Anupama hears their conversation and says she needs everything and what is wrong if she is maintaining a balance; she feels every woman should learn balancing her professional and personal life and manages all her relationships as they are her dear ones and she can’t lose any. She then invites them to start the function and returns in, leaving them both in shock.

Shahs and Kapadias play a game where each picks a chit with number, Kinjal will spin a wheel, and the number comes will have a special relationship with the baby. They all enjoy the game connecting themselves to the baby. At last, Kinjal says she wants Anupama to give her morales to her baby and wants her/him to become like her. Anupama says baby should get both maternal and paternal grandmother’s love and explains Kinjal that Rakhi sacrificed spending time with Kinjal to give her a better life, etc.

Rakhi gets emotional, but then thinks Anupama got even her into her charm. Barkha offers her water. Rakhi says they both can be beneficial to each other if they unite and extends a friendship hand. Barkha seeing her family getting fond of Anupama accepts her friendship. Anupama notices that. Samar plays Didi Tera Dewar Deewana.. song. Anupama says this song doesn’t fit in this situation. They all give their explanation with Leela taunting Rakhi, Jignesh flirting with her, kids recalling watching the film in childhood, etc. Anuj enacts as Salman Khan and hits a flower with a slingshot.

Precap: Anupama with everyone dances on the song. Vanraj drags Adhik and slaps him. Anuj gets angry.

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