Anupama 2nd August 2021 Written Episode Update: Pakhi and Nandini’s Verbal Tussle

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Anupama 2nd August 2021 Written Episode

Anupama confronts Rakhi that they will fight until Kanhaji permits them as they have a 20 lakh rs loan now and if they borrow from Rakhi, they will have to bear humiliation worth crores. Rakhi says she will be tired carrying family’s dignity. Anu says they will until god wishes them to. Kavya yells this woman has gone nuts. Vanraj says Anu is right and confronts her that they will protect their dignity until they can, till then Rakhi should.. Mamaji says KYMS, Keep Your Mouth Shut, and encourages Vanraj and Anupama to move ahead. Rakhi says this attitude holds good in stories and not in real life. Anu asks her to keep her taunts till they fail, till then she should stay away from them. Rakhi leaves saying she will go now but till return soon. She comments another evening, another drama, Shah family’s life is full of dramas. Bapuji apologizes Anu and Vanraj and cries saying he didn’t pay taxes unknowingly as he didn’t check documents once his karkhana/factory was shut and if he had seen, his children wouldn’t have to face this problem. Toshu this nobody did right thing in this house that Bapuji will. Anu consoles Bapuji. Bapuji says he should have paid taxes. Mamaji says he wanted to earn for the first time and give his earnings to his jijaji/Bapuji, but he failed and will be a burden forever. Anu asks not to say that, Samar backs her. Bapuji says people leave wealth as heritage to their heirs, but he left loan on them. Anu says he gave good morales to his children, his son doesn’t look into his eyes when she speaks and in a generation where grandchildren run away from grandparents, his grandchildren consider him as their bestfriend and that is his biggest achievement. She wipes Bapuji’s tears. Toshu angrily walks away from that. Anu notices that.

Toshu angrily walks to his room. Kinjal follows him and asks why did he come up when family needs him. Toshu shouts that Rakhi was offering loan, but his family wants to pay property tax by gratitude instead of money; people leave properties as heritage, but his family is giving him 20 lakhs loan; he is tried of living with his family and wants to shift soon. Kinjal says there will be problems even if they stay away from family. Toshu shouts he wants to be out of this family and breathe a fresh air. Anu hears their conversation.

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Kavya walks to Vanraj. Vanraj says he doesn’t want to hear complaints. She says she wants to go out and insists. He asks at this time. She says they used to party at night and she is tired of the family drama and wants to breathe a fresh air, so her friend has invited her. Vanraj agrees and goes to change. Pakhi walks to Kavya and requests for dance practice as her performance is tomorrow evening. Kavya says not now as she is going out with Vanraj and asks her to practice herself today. Anu hearing their conversation standing in kitchen looks at Pakhi. Pakhi rudely says she will manage alone. Anu walks away. She then walks to Samar and Nandini who are tensed regarding 20 lakhs property tax payment and ask Nandini to help Pakhi in her dance practice. Samar says Pakhi’s bestie is there to help Pakh. Anu says Kavya is going out with Vanraj. Nandini hopes Pakhi doesn’t rudely behave with her. Anu then asks Samar to speak to Toshu. Samar says she herself should as they fight instead of speaking now a days.
Anu asks if they fought. Samar says they had a tussle. She asks if he forgot her morales. He asks why problems only come to them. She says they don’t say that when happiness comes to them and gives him a long explanation.

Vanraj with Kavya meet his friends in a cafe and thanks Kavya for brining him out. A friend says he gets unwanted calls for loan. Vanraj says telecallers insist people to take loan who doesn’t need loan and not to the ones who need it. Another friend asks if he needs loan. Kavya say yes and asks if they can help. A friend says she will check and inform her.

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Nandini walks to Pakhi while she is dancing practicing and offers help. Pakhi arrogantly says mummy sent her puppet via remote control. Nandini hopes Anu would have sent a slap via remote. Pakhi yells that she doesn’t have any right to order her as she is not her bhabhi yet. Their argument starts. Samar, Anu, Kinjal, and Toshu gather and warn them to stop. They continue alleging each other. Kinjal backs Nandini and warns Pakhi to behave with elders. Pakhi yells mummy has many clowns roaming around. Nandini says Pakhi is Kavya’s clown and warns to slap her if she continues misbehaving with her. Toshu asks them to shut up. Kinjal backs Nandini again.
Pakhi continues shouting and walks away saying she hates them and this house. Toshu repeats her. Samar starts arguing with him. Anu feels disheartened seeing her children fighting.

Precap: Kavya fumes on Vanraj for talking about laon in front of her friends and says she made a mistake by taking him to meet her friends. Vanraj asks what is wrong in it. She warns to lower his tone. He says she hasn’t seen his tone yet.
Anu mends Kavya’s dress thinking her doll will win the competition for sure. Pakhi arrogantly snatches her dress and says she doesn’t need her help as she has grown up.

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