Anupama 29th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Maaya Causes A Ruckus At Shah House

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Anupama 29th May 2023 Written Episode

Anupama and Anuj walk separately on street recalling their happier moments. Jaage Hain Der Tak, Hamen Kuchh Der Sone Do… song plays in the background. Anuj reaches his car and recites a poem in his mind that he had held a hand after 26 years, but left it today; he never thought Anupama can come in his life. Anupama thinks she never thought a grandma like her can marry, Anuj came in her life and became part of her soul, but today a part of her soul is separated. Anuj thinks same. Vanraj wanders in corridor. Toshu asks if he didn’t sleep yet, is he worried for mummy. Vanraj says after a few days, Anupama will fly away; it’s weird that Anupama used to wait for him before and now he is waiting for her, he wants her to be happy; last time he made a mistake of stopping her from visiting America, but this time he will make sure she reaches America, etc.

Maaya panics thinking Anuj is with Anupama and decides to visit Shah house. Barkha tries to stop her, but she gets out of control and walks away. Barkha thinks its difficult to control this woman. Anuj stops his car in front of Anupama and requests to drop her home as she will not get an auto at this time. Anupama refuses and says she will go alone.

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