Anupama 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj And Leela Implore Kinjal To Return Home

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Anupama 28th September 2022 Written Episode

Vanraj expresses his ordeal in front of Hasmukh and says though his son made a mistake, he can’t let his son die. Hasmukh comforts him. Intoxicated Toshu pleads forgiveness from Kinjal citing Vanraj getting forgiveness from family and promises to be a good husband and father. He accuses Anupama of trying to break his house and continues crying that he will die without his wife and daughter. Family comforts him. Anuj comforts Anupama. Anupama thanks him for drawing a line between their relationship and situations. Anuj asks when will she learn to draw a line between both families. He says he and Vanraj even decided not to see each other’s face or visit each other, but situation got them closer again and they are friends again. He says he doesn’t have any problem with visit each other, but he hates daily drama done by Vanraj, his children, Leela, his brother and SIL and wants to draw a line from hereon. Anupama says she will try.

Leela asks Vanraj to implore Kinjal and somehow bring her back home like he brought Toshu. Vanraj says Toshu’s situation is different, Kinjal had to bear infidelity immediately after her delivery and go through a mental trauma; its okay if she is finding peace at Anupama’s house. Leela says Toshu did a drama at Anuj’s house today and soon he will do it in locality and roads, he shouldn’t be naive like Anupama. Vanraj asks if he should give up to Toshu’s emotional blackmail. Leela says one has to mend kids and get them on the right track by punishment or something else but can’t abandon them, he should do something and bring Kinjal home somehow. Vanraj says his brain is not working and he needs time to think.

Anuj ready for office tells Anupama that Little Anu’s school admission will happen today, she need not worry. Anupama says she can’t stop worrying for them. He kisses her and says his day will go well today. She kisses him back and says even her day will go well today. Little Anu asks if their good bye kisses are over, can they visit school for admission. Anuj drives away. Leela with Vanraj walks in. Anupama asks if everything is alright. Leela says she wanted to meet Arya. Anupama lets them in. Leela pampers Arya. Vanraj tells Kinjal that he wants to talk to her and asks Anupama if she will feel bad. Anupama says she will not as Kinjal is even his daughter. Vanraj asks Kinjal about her health. Anupama messages Anuj that Leela and Vanraj have come home, he need not worry as she will manage the situation. He asks her to inform him if something happens and hopes they don’t make any drama.

Kinjal asks Vanraj if he wants her to forgive Toshu. Vanraj asks her to return home as she cannot punish everyone for Toshu’s mistake, he is not saying this because of Toshu’s emotional blackmail, but after Leela’s advice as she has seen a world better than them. He says he knows its her mother’s house, but Anupama already has a lot of responsibilities on her and she knows how Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik are. He says just like Hasmukh supported Anupama, he will support her and wants her back home. Kinjal asks if her tears will stop if she returns home. Vanraj says they will not, but she has to hide her tears when she stays in someone else’s house; says she can’t deprive Hasmukh of his great granddaughter’s love, etc. Leela says she shouldn’t punish Toshu so much that it affects her and Arya more than Toshu, even court gives a chance to reform and if Toshu doesn’t reform, she can take a decision then. Anupama listens to their conversation and recalls Leela and Vanraj’s hypocrytic behaviors during her times. She thinks she has to cross her line now.

Hasmukh learns about Vanraj and Leela visiting Anupama’s house and fumes that their intention is right, but their language is not and they will put Anupama under more pressure. Anupama asks Vanraj and Leela to meet Kinjal but don’t force her. Leela says they are just explaining. Anupama says she is not saying that their intention is wrong, but they are unknowingly pressuring Kinjal. She gives a long explanation that Kinjal needs time to decide by herself and under pressure. Vanraj shouts enough now, nobody is emotionally blackmailing her, she is doing whatever she is thinking right and and they are doing whatever they think is right, then how can they be wrong and she be right; they are talking to their daughter and don’t need her permission to speak. Anupama asks when did she stop them.

Leela says she knows what Anupama is up to and asks Kinjal to return home. Anupama asks Kinjal to go if she wants to but not with a fear of Toshu’s emotional blackmail. Vanraj says she is manipulating Kinjal now. Anupama says its called explanation and says neither she nor she will allow anyone to pressurize Kinjal, let Kinjal take her own decision.

Precap: Toshu threatens Anupama that she will suffer like he is suffering now. Anupama warns him not to cross his limits or else she will forget that he is her son.

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