Anupama 28th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Food Critic Reviews Vanraj’s Cafe Food

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Anupama 28th July 2021 Written Episode

Anu reaches cafe to help Vanraj. Kavya asks her why didn’t she come when she called her. Anu asks if she has a problem when she has come. Vanraj thanks her. Kavya asks if he called her. He says no. Kavya asks who called her then. Anu says her son Samar and reminisces him convincing her to help Vanraj as a negative critic review will be bad for his cafe and though cafe is Vanraj’s, they all worked hard on it, etc. Anu thanks him for reminding her morales and feels proud of him. Out of flashback, Anu says she came on her son’s request. Kavya thanks her and asks her to handle the kitchen while she handles critic Mansi Jain. Anu says she will charge 500 rs per hour. Kavya in shock asks what? Anu says when she fights with her, she doesn’t feel bad, but when she helps her, she feels bad; hence, she will lend her professional help and charge 500 rs per hour. Kavya shouts how dare she is, she is misusing their helplessness. Kavya says she forced her for this. Kavya pays her in advance. Anu asks her to transfer it online as she doesn’t take cash as Bapuji suggested she should pay income tax from this month. She gets into kitchen. Kavya tells Vanraj that she will handle Mansi Jain as she is expert in handling people. Vanraj asks no to overdo there. Anu works in kitchen. Baa thanks her for her help and its good she made Kavya realize her value as women work for free at home and are not valued. Anu says she will not help daily. Baa jokes who will pay 500 rs per hour daily.

Kavya walks to Mansi and says she and her husband run this cafe, they are from marketing field and opened cafe as its their passion., etc. She continues boasting about herself and taking cafe’s credit to herself. Baa’s neighbors enter and greet her. Kavya tells Mansi that they entertain even senior citizens in their cafe and greet neighbors. Neighbors ask if she is Kavya as she always was rude to them. She makes them sit and says she will send waiter to them. Anu prepares dishes. Kavya says she will serve it or else Anu will charge even for it. Anu says yes. A customer notices Mansi’s dishes and orders same. Kavya rudely says its their special signatures dishes for special guest and hence they should order different dish. Anu hearing customers prepares dishes and serves them. Customers say Kavya rudely denied them. Anu says Kavya is tensed and apologizes them on Kavya’s behalf, asks them to click dish’s pic to upload it on social media like Pakhi and praises their tattoo. They cheer up seeing her positive nature.

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Kavya praises herself that she is handling Mansi well. Vanraj says she was boasting only about her and overdoing. She says herself means them. Baa joins her friends who say her cafe is making them feel homely and ask about Mansi. Baa explains. They ask why Anu is helping Vanraj. Baa says Anu is kind hearted and only one in the world. They ask about Kavya next. Baa says Kavya is good but not like Anu. They see Vanraj passing by and call him by his nickname Gudlu. He requests not to call him Gudlu here. They ask him to sign a song for them. He says he an open mic here for customers. Baa says her friends are also customers. Kavya also insists him to sing. Vanraj asks Samar to play guitar and sings Neele Neele Ambar Par.. song. Customers enjoy his song and whole family joins him. They all clap for him after his performance. Mansi says she needs a picture of a cafe owner. Vanraj says they should call Baa Bapuji. Kavya says its not a family selfie and stands with Mansi. Mansi clicks pic and pays them. Vanraj hopes she liked their food. She says he will find out in her review tomorrow. Once she leaves, Kavya says she is sure Mansi will give good review as managed her well and they can sell anything with good PR and not with good food. Bapuji asks then why did she call Anu instead of serving her bland food. Nandini backs her. Vanraj thanks Anu and says he knows she took money not to show her favor on him, he is happy that Samar hasn’t gone on him and gone on her instead and hopes Mansi gives good review tomorrow.

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Precap: Vanraj gets angry seeing only 2 star review in news paper by Mansi. Kavya as usual blames Anu for it. Vanraj says Mansi clearly wrote that dish was good, but owner was irritating and hence 1 star for Baa and 1 for Anupama and minus 3 for Kavya.

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