Anupama 28th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Kavya Unite Against Vanraj

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Anupama 28th January 2022 Written Episode

Vanraj frowns seeing Anupama and Kavya together and thinks Malvika didn’t understand today but will soon, Anuj’s life Malvika is in his hand and he will do whatever he wants to via Malvika. Kavya tells Anupama that she took job mainly to stay near V as she cannot lose him. Anu says she already told that she is not their babysitter, she got her a job and as a woman she will help her as much as she can and not more than that, Kavya has to remove thorn from her foot herself, and if she wants to get love, she should show love and not adamancy. She further says they will go home together in the evening as she needs to meet Baa and Bapuji. Vanraj hears their conversation.

Samar meets Nandini and says he wants to fight not with her but for her. She says ditto. He says he realized that fighting being near her than staying away and ending the fight is better. She says ditto. He says he realized fight should end with forgiveness as he is also punished with her. She says ditto. He asks to says something else than ditto. She says LOL, lots of love. He hugs her saying lots of love you too, lots of ladaku. She says he is lots of lappu jhanna. She apologizes for taking Kavya maasi’s side and overreacting. Samar says he is sorry too and should have understood that she is also protective for her maasi like he is protective for his mummy. She says being protective was right, but reacting was wrong. He says they shouldn’t misunderstanding each other. They then dance on Shahar Ki Ladki song and hug again.

After office, Anuj waits for Anu near car. Anu says she is going home. Anuj says even he is going home. She says she is going to Baa and Bapuji’s house. He says who goes to maika so much, when will she return. She says tomorrow. He gets sad. She says she will return in 2 hours. He says if she goes now, she can return in 1 hour and offers his car. She says she will go by auto. He says today is auto strike, so he will drop her and pick her back in 30 minutes. She scolds him to go home and accepts his car keys, then says she will try to return in 1 hour. He says yes boss. She says he need not worry as they will handle Mukku. He says yes boss. Kavya joins her. She says she will try to return within 1 hour and gets into car. Kavya says she is lucky that fate gave her much more than it snatched from her. Anu says they feel their problems are bigger than other’s problems, so she should concentrate on her life than looking at other. Malvika reaches once Anu leaves and seeing Anuj sad taunts him and then says he need not worry as Anu will return soon.

Kavya reaches home with Anu and says she feels so good confidently returning home from office and thanks her. They enter house and see Vanraj sitting. Vnraj with his usual evil expression comments that one who left him and one whom he will leave are coming home together after setting fire, a lot changed in 1.5 years. Anu says he didn’t change though and is still sitting on chair since 1.5 years. He angrily shouts. Whole family gathers. She says he shouts at others whenever he is frustrated and should speak sensible. He says they are afraid that he will be successful soon and are jealous of his and Mukku’s partnership. Bapuji says there is no need to shout. Vanraj blames Anu for interfering in his life again and having problem with his and Malvika’s friendship when he didn’t mind with her and Anuj’s friendship. Kinjal says Kavya has a problem with it and not mummy. He shouts her great mummy brought Kavya over his head by hiring her Kavya and made his life a hell in office, he feels suffocated and dying. Baa looks concerned for him. He continues shouting they made her life a hell.

Anu taunts him that he acting like a helpless and harassed husband. He should be ashamed to act as a victim in front of woman whose life he made a hell, mentally harassed her, trying to prove her mentally unstable, and humiliated her always; his one dream of becoming something is fulfilled, congratulations he became pitiful. He shouts he is not pitiful, he is in sorrow as they made his life a hell. She says its okay even if he beheads someone and feels pathetic even if his nail is broken. He asks if he should express his problem, can’t a man be in pain, she set a fire by bringing this woman in his office. Anu says this woman has a name. Kavya says she is Mrs Kavya Vanraj Shah. He says they are great, yesterday’s sautans became close friends now. He complains Baa that they both cannot see him successful, are trying to break his partnership with Malvika, and are using Anu for that. Anu says he becomes hindrance to other’s success and reminds that she helped him clear his debt and gave a cafe idea. He warns not to count her favors. Kavya says Anu cannot count her favors, but he can count the mistakes which Anu didn’t even do. He shouts because of Anu, Kavya is speaking loud in front of him. Anu asks what is wrong in it, he wants his wife to be always under his pressure. Vanraj shouts to shut up.

Samar warns Vanraj to behave with his mother. Toshu warns Samar not to interfere between elders. Baa supporting Vanraj says she knew Kavya’s job will create a problem again. Kinjal asks what else should Kavya do. Bapuji says he is tired of explaining Vanraj not to do same mistakes. Vanraj says Anu is doing a mistake this time; asks if she Kavya’s sister, DM, or social worker to support her; and yells to stop interfering his life. Anu replies that his life is not a movie or bioscope, neither she is Kavya’s sister or DM, she is a woman and will always support a woman; truth now is she supported a woman whom he pushed away; whether Anu or Kavya, he wants to keep them under his feet; he shows fake attitude and couldn’t tolerate Kavya getting a job; people shamelessly don’t seek charity like he is seeking empathy; he speaks high about changing men’s thinking and himself acts pity; his blanket of pitiness is so small and reveals his true face. Vanraj warns her to shut up.

Kavya warns him to stop accusing Anupama as its about her and not Anupama, she loves him and will not interfere in his job. He says he knows what she can and what she can’t. Anu says hunger for success is good, but if gets out of control, it destroys their and their dear ones’ happiness. Vanraj asks her to make a garland out of her pearls of wisdom and wear it. She says he need some gyaan. He walks away saying whatever she says, neither she nor even god can stop him from succeeding. Kavya apologizes Anu and walks away. Anu drinks water to calm herself down and apologizes Baa for creating issues at her house again. She says when she got a job, she promised herself to help the needy like her; thinks only Kavya can stop Mr Shah from manipulating Mukku and says Kavya is the only way for the peace of this house and office; its a risky task, but there is no other go. Bapuji says she is right, life sometimes becomes a 2 way sword and they have to walk on it. Samar says he is with her always. Kinjal says nobody wants to do anything and when mummy does, they oppose her. Anu says she wants to concentrate on Anuj, GK, and Malvika’s lives now, but where her Baa and Bapuji and children stay, she turn her face against it. Baa says this new year is getting tougher at the beginning itself.

Kinjal notices Toshu searching his track pant in cupboard and shows its front of him. She says sometimes they fail to see things in front of them and requests him to help mummy sort out issues in office. He agrees and thinks he doesn’t want to fight with her, if something happens, nothing will go wrong with rich Anuj and Malvika, but his and papa’s dreams will shatter. Anu while driving home fumes why Mr Shah gets back to his old self, she will not become old Anu though and will reply to his every evil act. Vanraj exercising thinks Anu wants to reply, but this time he will play a game which will shock Anu.

Precap: Anuj shows a dry rose and tells Anu that he wanted to give it to her 26 years ago. She says its very special for her. Malvika tells anuj that if Raj has problem in Anuj’s office, she will change the office.
Anuj says he should do something. Anu says he shouldn’t do anything which will make Mukku go against him.

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