Anupama 28th February 2022 Written Episode Update: Vanraj’s Plan To Humiliate Anupama Backfires

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Anupama 28th February 2022 Written Episode

Kinjal praises Bapuji for decorating the house beautifully for Anupama’s birthday. Bapuji says they all did it. Dolly says she prepared tea and snacks and will not let bhabi work on her birthday. Baa gets jealous and says they didn’t show similar excitement on her birthday, what is the difference between her and Anupama. Mamaji jokes its like a difference between pooja cococunt and bomb. Baa warns him to stop joking. Meenu says naani is jalkukdi/jealous. Baa taunts not to become like her mother. Dolly says she should become like Anupama. She says Vanraj and Toshu have gone to office. Sanjay he doesn’t think they will come. Bapuji says its good if they don’t come or else they will spoil party mood. Dolly taunts Baa that mummy can also do it and if she thinks so, she should visit cafe with her friends and chill.

Anu with Anuj heads towards Shah house. He stares at her smilingly. She asks what is he looking at. He says happiness, its good that he doesn’t have his big red car now as he would have crashed it looking at her face. Their cute nok jhok starts. Vanraj and Toshu return home. Bapuji asks why did he they return so early. Vanraj says their meeting finished, so they came home early and will work from home. Family except Baa gets sad seeing them. Vanraj grins and taunts that they can enjoy outsider’s birthday but cannot force insiders to stay out and ask where is the birthday girl. Anu with Anuj visits Shah house. Anu notices door closed and asks why is the door closed today. Anuj says he thinks they want to surprise her, even he is waiting for his surprise/proposal. Vanraj opens door and asks if they are thinking what is he doing here, he via balcony saw them coming and hence thought of performing Anupama ji’s aarti on auspicious Anupama jayanti. Anu taunts back that aarti is performed of big people. He says finally she accepted that he is bigger than her husband. Anu says he is definitely bigger in his betrayal, shamelessness, superego, so shall she perform his aarti. Vanraj stands frowning.

Anu gets happy seeing the decoration and so many gifts for her. Bapuji warns her to party first and then open gifts. She says she needs blessings first, takes his blessings and tries to take Baa’s blessings, but jealous Baa swings on her swing ignoring her. Anu forcefully touches her feet and hugs her tightly and kisses her until she blesses and wishes her happy birthday. Baa shouts why is she misbehaving. Baa says its her love and says she feels as if its her first birthday. She forcefully makes Toshu and Kavya wish her happy birthday and taunts Vanraj that whether he wishes or her not doesn’t matter her as his presence doesn’t matter to her anymore. She then asks about Pakhi. Bapuji says her friend’s mother Sheena is hospitalized, so she went there.

Anu says she is ready to cut the cake. Anuj thinks even he is ready. Anu says before starting all this, she wants to announce something. Samar blindfolds her and shows her happy birthday Anupama written on floor with flowers and lamp. Anu rejoices more hearing that. Whole family recites a shayari snippet for her, making her more happy and emotional. She says she got all the happiness with interest at once in return, she doesn’t know how to handle it. Mamaji jokes to look at Didi. Anu thanks everyone and holding a sindhoor bottle says she wants to announce something and is about to reveal it when Kinjal collapses. Whole family rushes to her. Anu wakes her up and asks if she is fine. Baa says young girls are mad behind intermittent fasting and asks Samar to make her rest and call the doctor. Anu makes her rest and asks if she is fine. Kinjal says yes. Baa gets her glucose water and scolds not to starve herself again in lieu of losing weight. Anupama sensing something is wrong asks them to go out and let her sit with Kinjal. Family waits in living room worried for her. Baa returns says she is fine, but Rakhi will not spare them if she comes to know about it. Anuj feels sad and tells GK Anu almost was announcing about their marriage, but stopped. GK says its a comma and not full stop. Kinjal reveals Anu that she is pregnant.

Precap: Anu happily does garbha and says she wants to announce her life’s biggest happy news, but stop looking at Anuj. Family asks what is it.

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