Anupama 27th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s First Flight Experience

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Anupama 27th September 2021 Written Episode

In flight, Anu requests Anuj Kapadia/AK to click her pic as she wants to send it to Bapuji. He clicks her pics and shows her. She says she is looking beautiful and thanks him. He recites shayari. She says this photo is better than the one she clicked in a photo studio before her wedding. He thinks beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. She says she will call Bapuji before flight takes off. He says she can use his mobile as her phone is in her bag. At Shah house, Vanraj asks charger from Kavya. Kavya says he looks tensed. He asks who she thinks so. She says they both came together when they had gone to a Mumbai conference and were feeling lonely, so he is worried that their history will repeat with Anu and Anuj. He says there is nothing like that. Anu calls Bapuji and excitedly describes her business class seat’s features. Host explains routine measures to be taken. Anu excitedly thinks she is ready to fly and thanks Kanhaji and Anuj. Anuj asks if she is not afraid. She says she is very happy. Kavya continues provoking Vanraj that same fear is haunting him, asks why so when Anu is not his wife anymore, why is he feeling insecure. Vanraj agrees that he is feeling insecure with Anu and Anuj’s friendship, he is hating a person whom he doesn’t know and arm wrestling with him like a kid, this is not him and he hates this form of him.

Anu and Anuj’s flight takes off. She enjoys looking from window. Vanraj tells Kavya that he has 1000 problems with Anu, but nobody can question at her character; she means it when she says there is noting between her and Anuj, his heart accepts it, but his heart doesn’t. She asks why does he care. He says he doesn’t know, he didn’t love Anu when he was married to her, but there is an attachment which he cannot break it even if he is trying to; this is the truth and don’t know how he will change it. Kavya thinks she will tolerate his attachment but not more than that. Anuj looks nervous during take off. Anu says she felt a tingling in her tummy, he fears sitting in a flight and hence didn’t come to India. He yes yes. She asks him to chant Hanuman chalisa. He does and smiles relaxing. She says he need not shy as everyone has some fear. He says men can’t fear. She says even men can fear, but society creates an issue, etc.

Rohan sends Samar his and Nandini’s cozy pictures. Nandini gets tensed seeing him angry. Samar says these are normal boyfriend girlfriend pics, but Rohan didn’t respect her privacy; these doesn’t matter to him. Rohan voice messages Nandini that Samar must be consoling her that these are normal pictures, but Samar’s sanskari family will not tolerate it. Nandini gets tensed. Rohan standing nearby thinks he doesn’t accept defeat. Nandini panics fearing Baa’s reaction seeing her and Rohan’s cozy pictures. Rohan keeps pics in Baa’s bag when she goes for vegetable shopping.

After take off, Anuj asks Anu to enjoy her first trip without bothering about it. She says she never heard such words from a man before. He sits in next seat and wears eye mask. Anu enjoys music, draws sketch, etc. Anuj silently opens eyes and enjoys her excitement. Badal Pe Naav Hai… song plays in the background. Air hostess offers food to Anu and Anuj. Anuj doesn’t like fight food. Anu offers him thepla. Anu falls asleep after soemtime. Anuj drapes his blazer over her and lowers AC.

Precap: Anu enjoys playing at beach. Vanraj and Kavya meet her there.

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